Tony Andruzzi: The Compleat Invocation Volume Three
Andruzzi, Tony: The Compleat Invocation Vol 3
©1992, 2004 Tony Andruzzi, Kaufman and Co., Washington, DC
Hardcover, no dj, 8.5x11", 310 pages
Tony Andruzzi: The Compleat Invocation Volume Three
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Comments: Third and final volume of the compilation of The Compleat Invocation,  a compilation of the journal of Bizarre magic.

Aside: A brief History of Invocation (from my understanding, some info from Genii's Magicpedia):
- Started by Tony Raven and Tony Andruzzi in 1974. Invocation magazine ran from 1974 to 1978 for 16 issues
- In 1979, Tony Andruzzi took the helm as The New Invocation for 1979 to 1996 through issue 61.
- In 1990 Docc Hilford took over editorship for issues 62-83 (which have not been reprinted to date)
- Tony Raven published a compilation Invocation in hardcover of issues 1-16.
- In 1986, Richard Kaufman worked with Tony Andruzzi to compile The Compleat Invocation Volume 1 and 2, which came in a single binder, and later into a combined version under a single cover. These covered the original 16 issues of Invocation, and issues 1-36 of The New Invocation.
- Richard Kaufman also released Volume 3 as a separate volume, including Issues 37-61.
- I have also seen a reference to compiled versions of the first and second years of Invocation, apparently limited to only 20 copies.

Contents (VERY partial listing from first page of book ToC, for Issues 37-42; numbers are not page numbers):

1 Issue Thirty-Seven February 1987
2 Line Psych (The Traveler)
3 Cat’s Game (Armando Gutierrez)
4 Poe Effect (Larry Baukin)
5 Jam Up (Dan Huffman)
6 Cauldron (Charles Cameron)

7 Issue Thirty-Eight; April 1987, Dan Huffman Issue
8 Necronomic Arabics
9 Horraclc
10 Psychological Advantages #1
11 Automatic Automatic Writing

12 Issue Thirty-Nine; June 1987
13 Death is a Lonely Business (Fred Zimmerman)
14 Fleur De Mort (Joseph R Fraher)
15 Dismembering the Past (Richard Banram, Jr)
16 Signse (TA Waters)
17 Psychological Advantages #2 (Dan Huffman)

18 Issue Forty; August 1987; Friedhoffcr Issue
19 Smaller
20 Pinhead
21 Sylvia’s Cards, Pan One (Eugene Burger)
22 Umbravision (Richard Bartram, Jr)
23 Post-Séance (Larry Baukin)

24 Issue Forty-One; October 1987
25 The Smaven Synthesis (Stephen Minch)
26 Sylvia’s Cards, Part Two (Eugene Burger)
27 Taped (Tom Niesen)
28 Semi-Portation (Rich Webster) -
29 Death’s Rope (Richard Bartram, Jr)

30 Issue Forty-Two; December 1987; Larry Baukin Issue
31 Which is Witch?
32 Call of Lovecraft
33 Devil's Triangle (Larry Baukin and Doc Dougherty)
34 Knot Spirits
35 Witch Test
36 Review of Invocational ‘87 (Sid Mayer)
37 Witchfinder General

----------Missing Rest to Issue 61---------