Tony Andruzzi: The Grimoire of the Mages
Andruzzi, Tony: The Grimoire of the Mages
©1978 Tony Andruzzi
Hardcover, handmade, 121 pages
Tony Andruzzi: Grimoire of the Mages
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Comments: Limited Edition of 250 copies. Tony's second book published as Masklyn ye Mage (first was The Negromicon of Masklyn ye Mage (1977), and the third was The Legendary Scroll of Masklyn ye Mage (1983). Hand-bound in soft suede leather, and included three supplementary items.

Contents (from book ToC, numbers are not page numbers - apologies if I have something wrong, the Script writing is challenging to read):

1 Poesque
2 Nosferatu
3 Coffin Nail
4 Athanor
5 Damballa
6 Stigmata
7 The Sacrifice
8 The Ritual
9 The Voice of the Mage
10 Tantric Healing
11 The Hand of Taubit
12 Ceremony of Abman-Ka
13 The Force
14 The Curse
15 The Alchemist
16 The Evil Eye
17 Coin Curse
18 The Cask of Paimon
19 Haunted Waters
20 Modern Voodoo
21 Protective Amulut