Ted Annemann: Annemann's $50 Manuscript
Annemann, Theodore: Annemann's $50 Manuscript
©1932 Theodore Annemann & Frank Lane
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 24 pages

©1976 Max Abrams, CA
Hardcover revised edition
Annemann's Fifty Dollar Manuscript
1976 Reprint
Image courtesy eBay seller Potter Auctions

Comments: From the 1976 Max Abrams edition introduction, "In about mid-1932 more than a dozen of Ted Annemann's effects were typed up by Frank Lane and sold privately. When the carbon copies were distributed, more copies were typed. As a result these effects exist in a few rare copies, each of which describe the effects somewhat differently and with mistakes. This manuscript is a composite of three versions of the "original" manuscript plust eh condensed versions of some of the effects as puplished in Pallbearers Review." Also available as an eBook from Lybrary.com.

Contents (courtesy Lybrary.com, numbers are not page numbers):

1 Annemann’s Stop Trick: selection is found a number dealt to in 2nd half of the deck
2 Annemann’s Another Stop Card Effect: This is a full deck version of the spelling trick
3 Annemann’s Cards In The Cases: card selected in one deck is found at that number in a 2nd deck
4 Annemann’s Four Ace Routine: a Four Ace effect
5 Annemann’s Thought Card Mystery: performer finds a thought of card
6 Annemann's Own Pellet Trick: magician determines card selections written on three paper pellets
7 Red And Blue Decks: card taken from red deck matches selection from blue deck
8 Annemann’s Color Changing Deck: blue card selected is turned face up in the deck, then another card's back turns red, then the entire deck turns red
9 Annemann’s You Took The Selected Card: borrowed deck card revelation
10 The New Spelling Card Trick: another card spelling trick
11 A Deck Of Cards And Two Envelopes: card is chosen and reds and blacks separated and placed in envelopes. Chosen card travels from one envelope to the other.
12 With Back Towards Spectators: chosen card revelaton
13 The Card Trick With The New Deck: card spelling, multiple times