Annemann, Theodore: The Book Without A Name
©1931 Max Holden, New York, NY
Hardcover, 62 pages
The Book Without A Name
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Comments: illustrated with photographs. Theodore Annemann's first book.


7 Introduction (Al Baker)
8 Foreword (Theo. Annemann)
10 The Really New Locator Card
11 An Original Set Up Discovery
13 One in Fourteen
14 A New Thought Card Spelling Effect
16 Whichever You Please!
17 Count Your Card!
19 Telepathy In the Audience
20 The Red and Blue Back Mixup
22 The Gambler in Person
25 The Gambler is Back Again
27 Psychic Sympathy Method No. 1
29 Psychic Sympathy Method No. 2
30 The Four Pile Location
33 The Genii Cut Deck Location
35 The Mystery Card Reading Method
38 A New Apparatus for the Pellet Switch
41 Find the Lady
42 The Improved Magic Square Presentation
46 The One Man Genuine Magazine Test
49 Mental Coloring - Telepathy With Silk
51 The Color-Tell Billiard Balls
52 Seeing In the Dark
54 Seven Keys to Baldpate
58 A Prophecy of the Koran
61 Jimmy Valentine Opens a Safe