Annemann, Theo.: Annemann's Buried Treasures
1952 Sphinx Publishing Corp.
Softcover, stapled-manuscript, 16 pages

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Comments: Illustrated by Sid Lorraine. Originally published in the pages of Sphinx Magazine. Available as an e-Book from


1 Preface: What Constitutes a Magician?
1 East Indian Needle Feat: threading needles in the mouth. Mouth can be examined before and after
2 Cigarette In Bill Again: simple approach to burning a bill and having it end up rolled up in a cigarette
4 Mentalex? Two or three spectators freely select a card from deck. Deck is placed in a hat, and one by one the cards are transferred from the hat to another hat. Spectator #1 is asked to say "stop" when any card is 1/2 way to the other hat. Upon doing so, the card in the magician's hand is shown to be that spectator's card. This can be continued with the other one or two spectators. (3-way force deck)
4 Telephone Mystery: An approach for predicting selected cards via telephone. Allows different cards to be "selected" each day of the week.
5 Attention, Mentalists! a simple approach to a living and dead test
6 No Title at All: Two selections are found by stopping at any card, and then counting to the spectator's number
7 Three Card Monte Outdone: not with cards, but with coin rattle boxes. Spectator must find box with a coin in it amongst three boxes. Nice approach.
8 The Master Mind: a multiphased card prediction effect using one red and one blue deck
12 My Original Swami Test: a number and color are predicted
14 Improvement 8,000: a selected cards is "spelled" to (Si Stebbins stack)
14 Slate Writing Wrinkle: an idea for using the spirit slates
15 Club or Stage Mental Number: multiple card divination by blindfolded assistant
15 A Mediumistic Stunt: yet another card divination, this one using the Si Stebbins stack