Annemann, Ted: Ted Annemann's Full Deck of Impromptu Card Tricks
1943 Max Holden
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 79 Pages

Full Deck of
              Impromptu Card Tricks
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Comments: Edited by J.J. Crimmins, Jr., taken from the pages of The Jinx.
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i A Few Words: Intro by Max Holden & JJ Crimmins, Jr.

1 Extemporaneous Magic
1 The Card on the Ceiling (Ted Annemann): tip on better sticky
2 The Undercover Mystery (Ted Annemann): Two selections are made. A tray is placed on the floor and the deck dropped on top - the first selection turns over on top of the deck as the deck falls. The 2nd selection is found under the tray!
3 The Walk Around Discovery (Ted Annemann): Cards are on the floor, magician walks around, and selection is found under his shoe
5 Locatrix (Ted Annemann): a simple card location
6 Audley Walsh's Coincidence: four spectators pick the four Aces, which are then dealt into a poker hand after having been lost in the deck
8 Up and Down (Dai Vernon): a mathematical card trick
9 Wise Guy Catch (S. Wimbrough): a trick in which the audience can determine the selected card
10 A Story Of Crime (Ted Annemann): a story trick
13 The 32 Card Mystery (Audley Walsh): spectator eliminates all but his selected card
14 The Card Angler (Stuart Robson): A ribbon is dropped in a hat and pulls out the selection
15 Aces Of Eight (Otis Manning): the 8 Aces can be brought out if various even though mixed up
17 Les Cartes Par Hasard (Stuart P. Cramer): magician finds the selection
18 A Paradox Of Pairs (Dr. Jacob Daley): You Do As I Do with one deck
19 The Psychic Toothpick (Ten Annemann): using a toothpick trick to find a selection
20 The "Elm" Card Change (E. Leslie May): magician and spectator signed cards transpose
21 The Card Unharmed (Ted Annemann): card is cut in envelope and comes out unscathed
22 Restless Colors (F. Jackson): Reds and Blacks join their colors
24 The Torn Deck Trick (Julian Proskauer): the deck is literally torn in half, pieces are discarded until two are left - the signed card
25 A Card in Flight (Bob Hummer): selection vanishes from hat and flies to the window
26 The Spectator's Choice (Stewart Judah): impromptu
27 Queer Quest (Stuart James): mind reading card effect
28 Your fortune, Miss (Audley Walsh): performer "reads" the cards to answer a question that was written down and destroyed.
30 A Test of Power (Eddie Clever): Spectator fails to determine performer's card, but performer finds spectator's on first try
32 Subconscious Mystery (Dr. William Bates): peformer forces spectator to select a "marked" pile
33 Nufind (Al Baker): card location

35 Tricks With Two Decks
35 Follow Me (Jean Hugard): Do as you do with two spectators
36 Synthetic Sympathy (Ted Annemann): with red & blue decks
38 An Easy Lesson (Martin Gardner): another Do As I Do effect

41 Tricks Using a 'Short' Card: the cards described
41 The Miracle Speller (Vincent Dlaban): a spelling trick
42 Nuts To You (Gerald Kosky): a card trick with walnuts!
44 Composite Routine (Ten Annemann):  thought card to pocket - three times!
45 The Migrating Pasteboard (Ted Annemann): Deck is split into blacks and reds, with the reds wrapped in a rubber band. A black card is selected, vanished, and appears in the red half!
47 Decepto (Byron Churchill): One card face up and one card face down in the deck (not looked at). The performer determines the face down card.
48 Lies! Lies! Lies! (Henry Christ): a lie detector card trick
49 The Modern Eye Popper (Ted Annemann): buried card comes to top of the deck
50 The Card That Isn't (Russel Wise): Wrong card is found, the Ace of Spades, which is placed aside. Spectator instead spells his card, and finds instead the Ace of Spades. The supposed Ace of Spades is now the selection.

52 Card Transpositions
52 Impromptu Passing (L. Vosburgh Lyons): Selection vanishes from envelope to join cards in a second envelope
53 Acme Thought Card Pass (Dr. daley and Ted Annemann): Three cards vanish from a stack of 15 to another stack of 15
54 Card Passe-Passe (Oscar H. Paulson): Spectator hands magician 2 cards, but still has them. This is repeated. Then all 15 cards are vanished and found in the spectator's pocket.

57 Poker Demonstrations
57 Draw Poker Plus (Martin Gardner): performer gets the 4 Aces
58 Dead Man's Hand (Henry Christ): A story trick about Wild Bill Hickock

62 Spelling Tricks
62 Give A Number (Harrison): card appears at any number
62 Ad Lib Spelling (Dr. Jacob Daley): a simple speller
63 Preposterous (Martin Garder): A clever phrase speller with a good method for controlling a selected card
65 Newspell (Martin Gardner): an almost automatic speller
66 Jordan Plus Gardner (Ted Annemann): two cards are selected from two halves of the deck, and the performer spells them out

69 Simple Prearrangements
69 Card Minded (Martin Gardner): 2nd spectator finds the card of the 1st one
70 Tattle Tale Cards (Edward Reese): a blindfolded trick
71 The Touch That Tells (Ted Annemann): number of a selected card matches how many cards a spectator holds
72 Card Box Sympathy (Orville Meyer): using a P&L Metal Box
73 Wired Thought (Ted Annemann): a telephone trick
74 The New Nightmare Effect (Ted Annemann): Spotted card was predicted by writing on a previous card. Then the spotted card vanishes and is found to be the prediction card.

76 Addenda
76 The Force That Couldn't Be Done (Clayton Rawson): A clever variation of one of the forces in 202 Methods of Forcing
77 The So Simple Force (Lynn Searles): spectator doesn't realize he's chosen the top card
78 Indetectable Shift-Palm (Tom Bowyer): improvment on the Erdnase Diagonal Shift-palm

80 Worth Knowing: three tips - card shiner, using a chance, cruise ship trick