Annemann, Theodore: Jinx Program - No. 1
Club Act of Magic
©1950 (circa) Max Holden, NY and Boston
©1956 George Armstrong, Magic Wand Publishing, London
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 16 pages
Jinx Program No. 1
Image courtesy e-Bay seller RaolsonMagic

Comments: There were five "Jinx Programs", which were designed to be a series of effects routined into a single program. Others in the series are: No. 2 A One Man Mental Club Act; No. 3 A Magical Club Program; No. 4 A 'No Card' Magic Art; and No. 5 'No Code' Telepathy. "This routine and fully explained program of magic runs approximately 25 minutes and can be carried in a brief case." Includes 7 effects, and is suitable for 10 to 250 people.


1 A Club Act of Magic: introduction, materials, opening
2 A Cigarette Rolled by Proxy (Orville Meyer): cigarette tying in the mouth
3 The Dixie Cigarette Vanish (Henry E. Dixie): using a pull
5 The Itinerant Dollar (Jacob Steisel): dollar travels to cigarette and then a lemon, and then elsewhere
7 A Matter of Policy (Annemann): Humorous Democrat vs. Republican Jumbo card trick
8 Seven Keys to Baldpate (Annemann): an improved approach over the version in "The Book Without a Name"
9 The Torn Deck Location (Julian J. Proskauer): several approaches to matching halves of a truly torn-in-half deck
11 The Acme Thought Card Pass (Dr. Jacob Daley and Annemann): two selections vanish from one packet of cards to be found in the other