Annemann, Theodore: Jinx Program No. 2
Mental Club Act
©1950 (circa) Louis Tannen, NY
©1956 George Armstrong, Magic Wand Pub, London
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 18 pages
Jinx Program No. 2 A
              Mental Club Act
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Jinx Program 2 Mental Club Act
Tannen Edition
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Comments: Comments: There were five "Jinx Programs", which were designed to be a series of effects routined into a single program. Others in the series are: No. 1 A Club Act of Magic; No. 3 A Magical Club Program; No. 4 A 'No Card' Magic Art; and No. 5 'No Code' Telepathy.


1 A Mental Club Act: introduction, materials needed
3 Two Papers and a Spectator: almost impromptu mentalism (uses a TT)
6 Synthetic Sympathy (Annemann): spectator chooses duplicate of magician's selection (red & blue decks)
7 The Lie Detective (Stuart Robson): spectator deals cards and either tells the truth of value or lies, and magician can tell when lying
8 The Twentieth Century Newspaper Test (Stuart Robson): mentalism
10 Triple Coercion (Annemann): prediction of a color, a card, and a number between 1-100.
12 Slate Immortality (Robert Parrish): living and dead test using a slate
13 Extra-Sensory Perception (Annemann): a test in thought transference
16 Last Minutes Notes: final thoughts on some of the effects