Annemann, Theodore: Jinx Program No. 3
Magical Club Programme
©1950 (circa) Max Holden, NY & Boston
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 22 pages

©1956 George Armstrong, Magic Wand Pub, London

Annemann: Jinx Program No. 3
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Jinx Program 3 A
              Magical Club Program
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Comments: There were five "Jinx Programs", which were designed to be a series of effects routined into a single program. Others in the series are: No. 1 A Club Act of Magic; No. 2 A One Man Mental Club Act; No. 4 A 'No Card' Magic Act; and No. 5 'No Code' Telepathy.

Contents (from book):

1 A Magical Club Program: Introduction, materials needed
2 A Flash Ribbon Restoration (John K. Bays): cut and restored
5 Twentieth Century Cards (Annemann): selected card with a hole punched ends up between two others on a ribbon
6 Simplex Torn Card and Balloon (Lu Brent): torn and restored card in balloon
8 The Lemon and the Dollar (Conrad Bush): a concise method
10 The Supreme East Indian Needle Feat (Annemann): needles threaded in the mouth
14 The Super Slates: approach to have messages appear on two slates
15 A Ring in Transit (Eddie Clever): ring passes from hand to hand while covered with a handkerchief, no pulls used
17 Finale Trick (Keith Clark): magician tears a newspaper into a clock face with the current time
20 Last Minute Notes: final thoughts on some of the effects