Annemann, Theodore: Shhh! It's a Secret
1934 L. Davenport & Co., England
Hardcover, 5.75x8.5, 44 pages

1934 Louis Tannen, NY
1934 Max Holden, Boston
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 52 pages
Annemann: Shhh! It's a Secret
L. Davenport & Co. Edition
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Annemann: Shhh! It's a Secret
Louis Tannen Edition
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Annemann: Shhh! It's a Secret
Max Holden Edition
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Comments: Annemann's classic card tricks & mentalism

Contents  (from book, descriptions added July 2018):

4 Introduction As Usual (Theodore Annemann)

5 Call Me Up Sometime: an out of the ordinary telephone card trick
6 The Borrowed Deck Tragedy: a selected card is found face up in the deck, torn up, and found there again
7 Help Wanted In the Dark: a newspaper ad test
9 A Thought is Fathomed: a book test
10 You Nose Knows: an almost foolproof body reading
11 A Rule of the Thumb: an almost impromptu book or magazine test using a thumb writer
11 A Handkerchief is Selected: simple method to force a colored silk
12 A Card is Found Once More: locating a selection using a one-way deck in a different fashion
13 Odd or Even, Which?: another use for your one-way deck
14 The Alternate Detection: and one more
15 A New Kink For the Reversing of One Card: for the one-way deck
16 Annemann's Eight In a Row Location: another one-way deck routine
17 Red or Black: using a one-way deck
18 The Challenge of the Year: one more one-way deck routine
19 The Mind in Retrospect: spectator selects one of 5 fanned cards, and performer determines value
20 The Five Thought Effect: take off on Princess Card Trick
21 The Guessing Contest: spectator gets 10 tries to find performer's card, and performer gets just one try
23 The Two Person Location: two cards selected and returned to deck are found by assistant in another room
23 A Couple of Cards Get Together: an 80% working trick
24 The New Deal Card Code: a short cut in silent card codes for two performers
25 The Perfect Club Slate Routine: for a pair of flap slates and an envelope
27 Fair and Square: cute card location
28 Dual Sympathy: a two deck routine
29 Another Sympathetic Mystery: another version
30 Triplets by Chance: opening card routine using a special card locator
31 The Last of the Think Stop Tricks: card trick
33 Your Card! (Orville Wayne): two cards selected behind back help performer reveal selection
34 The Time Detective: selection is found at end of 2nd bar of spectator's selected song
35 The Mindreaders' Dream: message reading
37 Music In the Air: musical mind reading
39 A Quaint Happening: another dual card deck coincidence
40 The Prophecy of Occurrence: for two unprepared slates and a deck of cards
41 The 203rd Force (Henry J. Christ): a card force
42 Nickles on the Brain: using a card index for a coin trick
42 Despair of the Devil: impromptu book test
43 The Lady and the Gentleman: using a stacked deck and two pocket indexes
44 The Bell Mystery: a clever telephone trick
45 Three Cards - The Three Numbers: three spectators select a card, then three others, and they match
46 The $1000 Test Card Location: using a stacked deck
47 Dead Men Tell No Tales?: Living and dead test with a slate

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