Anonymous: 24 Tricks From Your Vest Pocket
Anonymous: 24 Tricks From Your Vest Pocket
©1940 (circa) Golden's Magic Wand, CA
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 24 pages
Anonymous: 24 Tricks From Your Vest Pocket
Image courtesy Fundación Juan March


Contents: (from book):

1 X-Ray Eyes: magician can determine top cards of three piles
2 The Vanishing Ring: using a pull
3 The Magic Monacle: magician determines which hand was held to his forehead
4 Cutting Up: snipping the end of an envelope off in mid air
5 Coin Through Plate Trick
6 Coin in Handkerchief: appearance
7 The Magic Envelope: coin fold for a vanish
8 The Chosen Message: magician picks the correct message out of a hat
9 The Multiplying Paper Balls: two in the hand, one in the pocket...
10 The Mystic Match Boxes: a Monte effect with match boxes
11 The Magic Cord: Cut and restored
12 Comanche Rope Escape: release from rope through bound wrists
13 Restored Handkerchief: cut and restored center
14 The Magic Penny: vanished when rubbed into elbow
15 21 Card Trick: magician determines selected card from one mentally chosen face up
16 The Twisted Napkin Trick: napkin tearing stunt
17 Shuffle and Cut: key card location
18 Magnetic Match: moves on the table on its own
19 Four Colors: magician determines selected color by tapping
20 Coin Through Cuff: coin penetrates the sleeve
21 The Magic Button: magician locates button under one of three lids
22 The Vanishing Glass: through table top
23 Magic Suction: handkerchief clings to bottle cap
24 The Multiplying Coins: as swept from the table