Hocus Pocus, or the Whole Art of Legerdemain
Anonymous: Hocus Pocus, or the Whole Art of Legerdemain
©1830 Published by C.V. Nickerson
Hardcover, 72 pages
Hocus Pocus or the Whole Art of Legerdemain
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Comments: "or the Whole Art of Legerdemain laid open and explained, by those renowned masters Sena Sama, Hama Ben-Ali, and all the Celebrated and Mysterious Professors in the Art of Natural Maigic; with full instructions how to perform the Various Tricks on cards, dice, birds, eggs, rings, &c. As practised before their sublime Majesties, the Emperor and Empress of China, the crowned Heads of Europe, and the President and people of the United States."


3 Art Of Legerdemain
4 How To Shoot A Bird Flying With A Gun Loaded With Powder And Bring It To Life Again
4 To Lay One End Of A Sick Upon A Stool Or Table, And Hang A Pail Of Water On The Other End
4 A Notable Hocus Pocus Trick With A Cock
5 The Poised Penny
5 Water Bewitched
5 Fire Under Water
6 The Sentinel Egg
6 Eatable Candle-Ends
6 The Little Floating Beacon
7 The Rings And Ribbons
7 The Moving Pyramid
7 The Paper Furnace
8 The Bottle Ejectment
8 The Balanced Stick
8 Storm And Calm
9 The Travelling Egg
9 The Double Coin
9 The Bottle Imps
10 The Bird In The Box
10 The Prancing Dragon
10 The Multiplying Mirror
11 The Bowing Beau
11 The Mysterious Bottle
12 The Bogle Bodkin
12 The Simple Deception
12 The Wonderful Wafers
13 The Half-Crown Upheld
13 To Make A Pen-Knife Out Of Three, Jump Out Of A Goblet, Agreeable To The Opinion Of The Company
14 To Pull Off Any Person's Shirt, Without Undressing Him, Or Having Occasion For A Confederate
15 A Ring Put Into A Pistol, Which Is Afterwards Found In The Bill Of A Dove In A Box, Which Has Been Before Examined
16 To Discover Any Card In The Pack By Its Weight Or Smell
16 The Art Of Fortune Telling By Cards
18 Method Of Engraving In Relief, On The Shell Of A New Laid Egg
18 The Visible Invisible
19 A Quantity Of Eggs Being Broken, To Find How Many There Were, Without Remembering The Number
19 To Fasten A Ring To A Sixpence At The End Of A Piece Of Common Thread; And After Burning The Thread, To Leave The Ring Hanging At The End Of It
20 To Take A Bird Out Of A Cage, And Make It Appear As Dead, Or To Roll It About As You Please
21 A Curious Method Of Restoring A Fly To Life, In Two Minutes, That Has Been Drowned Twenty-Four Hours
21 The Conjuror Castle
22 To Melt A Piece Of Steel As If It Were Lead, Without Requiring A Very Great Fire
22 To Cut A Glass, A Looking-Glass, Or Even A Piece Of Crystal Let It Be Ever So Thick, Without The Help Of A Diamond, In The Same Shape As Te Mark Of The Drawing Made On It In Ink
23 To Tell If A Person Holds Gold In One Hand And Silver In The The Other, Which Hand The Gold Is In, And Which The Silver
23 To Make Sport With Quicksilver
23 To Break An Iron Bar As Big As One's Arm
24 To Cut Off A Cock's Head, Put It On Again, And Exhibit The Bird Alive Again!
24 To Change A Card That Is Locked Up In A Box, Into Another
25 To Make A Card Which A Person Has Drawn Dance On The Wall
26 To Take A Shilling Out Of A Handkerchief
27 To Change Cards, Money, &C., Put Under A Hat, Into Different Objects
27 To Burn A Bank Note Which You Had From One Of The Company And Afterwards Restore It Whole To The Owner
28 To Make A Card Spring Up Into The Air From The Pack Without Being Touched
29 The Counter Changed
29 The Cut-Lace Joined
29 The Locked Jaw
30 The Double Funnel
30 The Mutilated Handkerchief Restored
31 The Hatched Bird
32 The Fire And Wine-Bottle
32 The Penetrative Shilling
33 The Money Box
33 To Melt Two Metallic Mixtures By Friction
34 The Incombustible Thread
34 The Handkerchief Hearth
34 Simple Amalgamation And Separation
35 Hideous Metamorphosts
35 To Make A Wet Stone Produce Fire
35 The Sub-Aqueous Volcano
36 The Chemical Samson
36 The Magic Spoon
36 Metal Melted On Paper Over A Candle
36 The Wonderful Dye
37 Metalic Transmutation
37 The Faded Rose Restored
37 He Protean Liquid
38 Incombustible Paper
38 The Mimic Conflagaration
38 To Make A Calf's Head Bellow As If Alive, When Dressed And Served Up
39 The Dancing Egg
39 He Egg In The Phial
39 Perpetual Motion
39 The Blue Bottle
40 The Candle Of Ice
40 To Dip The Hand In Water Without Wetting It
40 To Remove And Afterwards Restore The Colour Of A Ribbon
40 The Paper Oracle
41 The Sybil's Cave
41 To Separate Oil From Water
42 To Let A Number Of People Draw A Card Each, And To Make Every Person Draw The Same Card But One
42 To Break A Gentleman's Watch To Pieces And Afterwards Restore It To The Owner
43 To Pour Cold Water Into A Kettle And Make It Come Out Hot, Without The Aid Of Fire
44 How To Terrify Such As Are Entirely Unacquainted With The Nature Of Phosphorus
45 A Pleasing Trick By Figures
45 The Changeable Rose
46 Another Trick By Figures
46 The Dancing Egg
47 How To Make Water Freeze By Fire-Side
47 To Make A Colourless Liquid Become Blue, Lilac, Peach-Coloured And Red, Without Touching It
48 The Card Nailed On The Wall By A Pistol-Shot
49 The Card Burnt, And Afterwards Found In A Watch
50 The Four Elements
51 The Mineral Chameleon
52 Phosphoric Plants
52 Phosphoric Oyster Shells
52 To Render Milk Luminous
53 Ignition By Compression
53 The Mask Of Flame
53 The Miniature Thames On Fire
54 Phosphorescent Spar
54 The Phospohiric Steam Bath
54 Ignition By Percussion
54 To Burn Brown Paper By Phosphorus And Friction
54 The Illuminator And Extinguisher
54 To Light A Candle By A Glass Of Water
55 The Invisible Girl
56 Forcing
56 To Tell A Card Thought Of Blindfold
57 The Shuffled Seven
57 To Blow A Sixpence Out Of Another Man's Hand
58 Of Three Sisters
59 To Write Any Name Upon A Paper, And Then Burn It To Ashes, Yet Afterwards It May Be Read Plainly
59 A Whimiscal Trick To Make Sport In Company
60 To Make A Person Tired, Or Sweat, At Carrying A Small Stick Out Of A Room - A Good Subject For A Wager
60 The Buried Heart
61 The Picquet Pack
61 The Double Dozen
62 The Noted Card Noted
62 Gathering Of The Clans
63 The Magic Twelve
64 To Turn A Card Into A Bird
64 To Make A Card Jump Out Of The Pack
64 The Confederate Water-Drop
65 The Four Accomplices
65 The Nerve Trick
66 The Chosen Card Revealed By A Pinch Of Snuff
66 The Drawn Card Nailed To The Wall
66 Ups And Downs
67 The Card Under The Hat
67 The Turn Over
67 The Regal Alliance
68 The Odd Score
68 The Card In The Egg
69 To Convey A Card Into A Cherry-Stone
69 The Mouse In The Pack
70 On Ventriloquism
71 To Construct A Lantern, Which Will Enable A Person To Read By Night At A Great Distance
72 To Choose A Husband By The Hair
72 A Lamp That Will Burn Twelve Months Without Replenishing