Anonymous: The Art of Modern Conjuring And Drawing Room Entertainment
©1909 Ward Lock & Co., London
©1910 Reilly & Britton Co., Chicago
Hardcover, 222 pages
Art of Modern
              Conjuring and Drawing Room Ent
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Anonymous: The Art of Modern Conjuring

Comments: Not to be confused with Henri Garenne's "The Art of Modern Conjuring Magic and Illusions".
A front matter page on the Reilly edition states, "by a Modern Magician".
This book contains excellent B&W photo-plate illustrations. There are no illustrations embedded in the text.


19 Chapter I
19 Introductory Hints

24 Chapter II
24 The Dress, Servantes, Pulls And Apparatus

27 Chapter III Card Tricks
28 To Force A Card
29 To Vanish A Card
30 To Palm A Card
30 To Palm A Card (Another Method)
30 Single-Handed Pass, The
31 To Make False Shuffles
31 Two-Handed Pass, The
32 Quickest Pass On Record, The
32 Dealing Seconds Or Retaining The Top Card
33 Forcing Cards By Telepathy
32 To Sight The Top Card
33 To Name A Card In The Centre Of The Pack
34 Card Jugglery
37 To Tell Which Card Has Been Thought Of
38 To Tell Which Of The Court Cards A Person Has Chosen
38 Inseparable Jacks, The
39 To Change A Card That A Person Is Holding
40 Magnetic Aces, The .
41 To Catch Three Cards From The Pack
41 To Produce A Chosen Card From A Pack Wrapped In A Handkerchief
42 Mysterious Deal, The
42 Three-Card Trick, Or Finding The Queen, The
43 To Change A Number Of Cards In Two Persons' Pockets
44 Rising Card From Pack Held In Hand
45 Rising Card From Pack In A Glass
46 To Make Three Chosen Cards Rise From The Pack
47 To Fix A Card Selected Irom The Pack On The Ceiling Or Wall
47 To Produce Three Cardsin A Frame
48 Rubbing Spots Off A Card
48 Card Case, The
49 To Reproduce A Card That Has Been Torn Up
50 Card Changing Box, The
51 Pips Vanished From A Card And Reproduced On A Handkerchief, The
52 To Read A Pack Of Cards From Beginning To End Without Looking At Them
55 To Produce A Card Behind A Candle
56 Viaduct Card Illusion, The
57 Card Spelling
58 Diminishing Cards, The
58 Disappearing Card, The
58 Travelling Pips, The
60 To Read A Pack Of Cards Blindfolded

62 Chapter IV Coin Tricks
62 To Palm A Sixpence
63 To Pass A Coin (The Tourniquet Pass)
63 A Coin Pushed Through A Hat
64 To Make A Coin Float On Water
65 To Balance A Card And Coin On The Finger, And To Remove The Card Without Dislodging The Coin
65 To Cause A Coin To Pass Through A Handkerchief In Which A Number Of Coins Are Enclosed
66 To Pass A Coin From One Handkerchief To Another
67 Magical Production Of A Coin
67 Vanishing Coins On A Plate
68 Disappearing Penny, The
68 To Change A Sixpence Into Half A Sovereign
69 Five Coins Changed To A Pea
69 To Pass A Coin Through A Hat Into A Glass
70 To Rub A Penny Through A Candle
73 To Catch A Number Of Pennies Laid Upon The Elbow
73 To Drop A Coin In A Bottle
74 To Balance Coins
74 Vanishing Penny, The
75 Diminishing Coins, The
75 To Hold A Penny So That A Strong Man Cannot Take It From The Fingers
76 Aerial Treasury, The
76 A Coin For Palming
79 To Pass A Coin Through A Handkerchief Without Cutting It
80 A Coin Vanished And Found Inside A Nest Of Boxes
81 Coin Collecting Wand, The
83 Coin Railway, The
82 Multiplying Coin, The
84 Rattle Box, The
84 To Make A Shilling Spin On The Point Of A Needle
85 To Produce A Marked Coin In A Ball Of Worsted
86 To Pass A Coin
86 To Revolve A Coin Between Two Pins
86 To Vanish And Produce A Coin
89 To Retain A Coin Palmed
86 To Vanish And Produce A Coin

90 Chapter V Handkerchief Tricks
90 Production Of Eggs In A Hat
91 Spinning Handkerchief, The
92 To Remove A Ring Tied In A Handkerchief
97 Colour Changing Handkerchiefs, The
98 To Produce A Vanished Handkerchief From The Collar
99 Dancing Handkerchief, The
95 Disappearing Handkerchief, The
100 Handkerchief Produced From A Match-Box
100 To Vanish A Handkerchief And To Produce It From An Empty Soup Plate
101 To Balance A Handkerchief
102 To Pass A Flag Into An Apple
103 Colour Changing Handkerchiefs In Lamp Glasses
104 Puzzling Knot, The
105 To Break A Knot
106 Handkerchief, Coin And Ring Trick
107 To Pass A Ring On To A Stick
108 Handkerchief Soaked In Water, And Produced Quite Dry
105 Mysterious Knot, The
108 Production Of A Handkerchief From A Soup Plate
109 To Cut An Apple In A Handkerchief Without Injuring The Latter
104 To Vanish A Handkerchief From Inside A Lamp Glass

110 Chapter VI Tricks With Chemicals
110 To Ignite Flash Paper Without Flame
113 Ale And Water Together In One Glass Without Mixing
113 To Change The Complexion From White To Black
113 To Illuminate Water
114 Magic Glasses Of Water, The
114 Magic Jug Of Water, The
114 To Obtain Fire By Applying Water
115 To Set Fire To A Handkerchief Without Injuring It
115 To Add Liquid To A Glass Full Of Water Without Causing It To Overflow
115 To Give Oneself A Supernatural Appearance
116 To Blow Smoke Into A Covered Glass
116 Oil Upon Water
116 To Suspend A Ring By A Burnt Thread
119 Candle That Cannot Be Blown Out
119 To Make Flash Paper
119 To Smoke With Two Empty Pipes
120 Fire Bowl, The
120 Magic Glass, The

122 Chapter VII Parlour Tricks
122 Telephonic String, The
122 To Reverse The Hands On A Ruler Held Between The First Finger And Thumb Of Both Hands
123 Remarkable Stick Breaking
124 Mysterious Paper Knife, The
125 Obedient Paper, The
125 To Displace Water By Smoke
125 To Hang A Hat On The Panel Of A Door
126 Glass Of Water Suspended By A Thread
126 To Produce A Flower In A Buttonhole
129 To Blow A Cork Into A Bottle
129 To Lift A Bottle With A Plate
129 Two Corks
130 Novelty, A
130 To Rill A Glass Of Water With Pins Without Water
131 To Balance A Cigar On The Tip Of A Finger
131 Magical Mirror, The
131 To Spin An Egg As Long As Required
132 Musical Poker, The
132 Juggler's Dessert, The
132 To Preserve Snowballs
133 Glass Of Water That Cannot Be Moved Without Spilling The Whole
133 To Produce Any Name Called For On A Visiting Card
134 Mysterious Paper Bands, The
134 Rope Pulled From Behind Tied Wrists, A
135 Travelling Pea, The
136 Ascent Of Wine In An Inverted Glass Of Water
136 Grape Seed In The Glass Of Champagne, The
136 To Make A Needle Float
137 Magdeburg Hemispheres, The
137 Burning Coal On A Muslin Handkerchief, A
138 To Make Gas Burn Under A Handkerchief
138 Silhouette Portraits, The
139 Electrified Pipe, The
139 To Lift A Man With Five Fingers
139 To Make A Plank Adhere To A Table By Means Of Paper
140 Dice Trick, The
140 To Blow Out A Candle Behind A Bottle
142 Stone Breaker, The
142 To Poise A Tumbler Upon Three Sticks, Each One Of Has One End In The Air
142 To Uncork A Bottle Without A Corkscrew
143 To Keep A Penny Revolving In A Lamp Shade
143 Water Bottle And The Three Knives, The
144 Piece Of Money Rolling On An Umbrella, A
145 To Pierce A Halfpenny With A Needle
145 To Project One Or Two Draughtsmen From A Column

147 Chapter VIII Hat Tricks
152 Finger Pushed Through A Hat
152 Funnels Produced From A Hat
153 Mysterious Production In A Hat Of A Glass Containing Two Handkerchiefs
152 To Make Boxes For Production From A Hat
151 To Pass A Die Through A Hat
154 To Pass A Glass Through A Hat
148 To Produce A Cannon Ball In A Hat
147 To Produce Coloured Paper From A Hat
148 To Produce A Glass Of Water In A Hat

155 Chapter IX Mesmeric And Magnetic Tricks
155 Magnetic Ruler, The
156 Magic Wand, The
156 Magnetic Umbrellas, The
157 Magnetic Stick, The
157 Mesmerised Chair, The

159 Chapter X Advanced Tricks
159 Sack Trick, The
159 Fire Eating
160 Fishing In The Auditorium
161 Magic Acquarium, The
162 Bowl Of Ink Changed To A Bowl Off Clear Water Containing Fish
163 Archery Shots
164 To Draw A Cord Through A Person
165 To Fire A Marked Bullet At Performer's Head Injury
166 To Produce A Barber's Pole
166 To Produce A Walking Stick
169 Great Drum Trick, The
169 Great Tambourine Trick, The
170 Changing Glass And Bottle
170 Conjurer's Pistol, The
171 Empty Bottle, The
172 Cylinder Trick, The
173 To Produce Flowers From A Sheet Of Paper
174 Mixed Sand In A Basin
175 To Get An Egg Into A Narrow-Necked Bottle
175 To Produce Writing On A Slate
176 Changing Egg Trick, The
177 Colour-Changing Billiard Balls, The
178 Multiplying Billiard Ball, The
179 Diminishing Billiard Ball, The
179 Magic Pipe Or Ladle Trick, The
181 Flying Bird-Cage
181 Production Of Cage And Birds
182 Vanishing Bird And Cage, The
183 To Produce A Bird In A Cage
184 Birds Shot From A Bag Into A Cage
187 To Balance An Egg On A Walking Stick
188 To Pass A Sword Through A Person
187 Trunk Mystery, The

189 Chapter XI Miscellaneous Tricks
189 Introductory Trick With Glove And Wand
189 Vanishing Wand, The
190 Magic Ring And Wand
191 To Produce An Omelet Without Eggs
191 Vanishing Glass Of Water, The
192 To Boil Water In Paper
192 To Produce A Glass Of Water
193 Magical Key And Ring
193 To Produce A Bowl Of Gold Fish
194 Magical Production Of A Plant
194 Travelling Thimble, The
195 Optical Illusion With A Ring, An
195 Optical Illusion With Money, An
196 Optical Illusion With A Watch, An
196 Glove And Head
196 To Stick A Knife Through A Person's Finger
197 Magic Matchbox, The
197 To Reproduce A Piece Of Paper That Has Been Torn Up *
198 To Change A Card Into A Flower
198 To Produce A Lighted Candle From The Pocket
199 To Catch Hoops On The Arms With Thumbs Tied Together
199 Trick Carrot, The
200 False Finger For Palming Or Producing
200 To Produce Yards Of Ribbon From The Mouth
201 Submissive Musical Box, The
201 To Suspend A Ball In The Air And Make It Tuq About Without Any Apparent Support

202 Chapter XII Tricks With Matches And Numerals
202 Animated Matches, The
207 Four Squares Changed To Three
209 Magical Properties Of The Number Nine, The
208 Square Of Nine, The
206 To Form Four Triangles With Six Matches
206 To Lift Twelve Matches With One
205 To Multiply A Number Of Matches
205 To Support A Glass On A Bridge Of Three Matches, Each One Of Which Rests On A Glass
206 Twenty-Four Matches On A Table To Form Nine Squares, Take Away Eight Matches And Leave Two Squares; Only
207 Walking Match, The

211 Chapter XIII
211 Shadowgraphy

212 Chapter XIV
212 Second Sight

220 Chapter XV Programmes
220 Three Programmes For A Quarter Of An Hour's Entertainment
221 Three Programmes For Half An Hour's Entertainment
221 Programme For An Evening's Drawing-Room Entertainment