Anonymous: Card and Conjuring Tricks and Book of Riddles
Anonymous: Foulsham's Card & Conjuring Tricks and Book of Riddles
©1910 (circa) W. Foulsham & Co. Ltd, England
Softcover, 18 pages
Foulsham's Card and Conjuring Tricks and Book of
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Comments: Short book of beginner's magic, puzzles, and riddles Not to be confused with "Foulsham's Card and Conjuring Tricks" which combines two books by Charles Roberts and Charles Crayford.

Contents (from book):

1 Introduction: tips, palming
1 The Certain Guesser: did a spun coin land heads or tails up?
1 The Disappearing Coin: by sleeving
2 Money Makes Money: one coin rubbed on table becomes two, then three
2 A Good Variation: coins multiply when poured off a tray
2 The Magic Coin Box: coin vanishes and reappears in a pill box
2 Catching the Fallling Pile: catching coins from the elbow stunt
3 The Flexible Watch: Optical illusion pocket watch seems to bend
3 Coin and Bottle Trick: coin in bottle puzzle
3 Needle Dart: a needle toss stunt
3 The Magic Double Ring: brief explanation of the Afghan bands
3 The Magic Ribbon: wool placed in the mouth turns to flow of ribbon
4 The Burnt Handkerchief: borrowed burnt and restored
4 The Vanishing Ball: brief explanation of the Ball Vase
4 The Wand and Ring Trick: a ring vanishes from under a handkerchief and is found on a wand
5 Swallowing the Knife: a pocket knife is apparently swallowed
5 The Vanishing Coin: a coin vanish while seated

6 Easy Card Tricks
6 Telling a Selected Card: simple card location
6 A Wonderful Discovery: a more impressive revelation
6 The Twenty-One Card Trick: mathematical revelation
7 Naming All the Cards in the Pack: magician names each card taken from behind his back
7 Forcing the Choice: magician's choice
8 The Chosen Card: using a one way deck
8 Divination: magician knows how many cards were moved
8 Further Divination: follow up to above
8 The Seven Heap: prediction comes true
9 Spelling the Cards: the cards of a whole suit are eac spelled to using a stack
9 Changing the Cards - Four of Each, Held by Two different Individuals
10 The Grand Rally: after deck is cut multiple times, they are dealt to reveal all values together
10 The Kings and the Knave: The Kings are split up, but they come together with the Jack
10 Bringing Four Cards Together From Different Parts of the Pack

11 Riddles: four pages of riddles such as "which travels faster, heat or cold? Heat, because you frequently catch cold"

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