Aononymous: Parlor Magic, a Series of Tricks Made Easy
Anonymous: Parlor Magic A Series of Tricks Made Easy
©1889 Worthington Co., NY
Hardcover, 191 pages
Anonymous: Parlor Magic
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Comments: "For Evening Parties and Other Entertainments". A collection of mostly science experiments, but includes a Chapter on Sleights And Subtleties. No author is credited in this book. Note: be very cautious handling some of the materials in the science experiments, as some can be hazardous and this book was written before some of the dangers were known. For example, "quicksilver" is Mercury, and should not be handled by the bare hands.

Contents (from Book):

15 Transmutations
17 The Spectral Lamp
18 Curious Chantre Of Colours
18 The Protean Light
19 The Chameleon Flowers
19 To Change The Colours Of Flowers
19 Changes Of The Poppy
20 To Change The Colour Of A Rose
20 Light Changing White Into Black
20 The Visibly Growing Acorn
21 Changes In Sap-Green
21 To Revive Apparently Dead Plants
21 Singular Effect Of Tears
21 Beauties Of Crystallization
23 To Crystallize Camphor
23 Crystallized Tin
23 Crystals In Hard Water
23 Varieties Of Crystals
24 Heat From Crystallization
24 Splendid Sublimation
24 Artificial Ice
24 Magic Inks
25 Chameleon Liquids
25 The Magic Dyes
26 Wine Changed Into Water
26 Two Colourless Transparent Liquids Become Black And Opaque
26 Two Colourless Fluids Make A Coloured One
26 Change Of Colour By Colourless Fluids
27 To Change Blue Liquid To White
27 Veritable Black Tea
27 Restoration Of Colour By Water
28 The Magic Writing
28 Two Liquids Make A Solid
28 Two Solids Make A Liquid
28 A Solid Opaque Mass Made A Transparent Liquid
28 Two Cold Liquids Make A Hot One
29 Quadruple Transmutation
29 Quintuple Transmutation
29 Combination Of Colours
29 Union Of Two Metals Without Heat
29 Magic Breath
30 Two Bitters Make A Sweet
30 Visible And Invisible

33 Sight And Sound
33 Artificial Mirage
34 Motion Of The Lye
35 Single Vision With Two Eyes
35 Two Objects Seen As One
36 Only One Object Ran Be Seen At A Time
36 Straight Objects Seen Crooked
37 Optical Illusion
37 Pin-Hole Focus
38 Optical Deceptions
38 Accuracy Of Sight
39 Visual Deception
39 Handwriting Upon The Wall
39 Imitative Haloes
40 To Read A Coin In The Dark
40 To Make A Prism
41 Optical Augmentation
42 Gold Fish In A Glass Globe
42 Colours Produced By The Unequal Action Of Light Upon The Eyes
43 Optical Deception
43 Coloured Shadows
43 Colours Of Scratches
44 Ocular Spectra
44 Beautiful Colours Of Mother Of Pearl
45 White Letters Seen Further Than Black
45 Artificial Rainbow
45 Fringe About A Candle
46 The Double Coloured Reflection
46 Luminous Cross
46 Ring Of Colours Round A Candle
47 Simple And Cheap Opera-Glass
47 Multiplying Theatres
48 Apparatus For Writing In The Dark
49 Portable Microscope
50 The Phenakisticope Or Stoboscope
51 To Look At The Sun Without Injury
51 Brilliant Water Mirror
51 Optical Illusion Under Water
52 The Magic Wheels
53 Acoustic Rainbow
53 Transmission Of Sound
55 Progress Of Sound
55 Sound Turning Corners
56 To Tell The Distance Of Thunder
56 Hearing By The Touch
56 Conversation For The Deaf
57 Glass Broken By The Voice
57 Figures Produced By Sound
58 Transmitted Vibration
58 Double Vibration
59 Champagne And Sound
59 Music From Palisades
59 Theory Of The Jew’s Harp
60 Music Of The Snail
60 To Tune A Guitar Without The Assistance Of The Ear
60 Music From Glass Or Metal Rods
61 The Tuning-Fork A Flute-Player
62 Musical Bottles
62 Theory Of Whispering
62 Theory Of The Voice
63 Sound Along A Wall
63 Sounds More Audible By Night Than By Day
63 Musical Echo
64 Ventriloquism
75 Phosphorescent Fish
75 The Luminous Spectre
76 Light, A Painter
76 Effect Of Light Upon Crystallization
76 Effect Of Light On Plants
77 Instantaneous Light Upon Ice
77 White Light From Zinc
77 Brilliant Light From Two Metals
77 Brilliant Light From Steel
78 Lighted Tin
78 Light From Gilt Buttons
78 Light From A Flower
78 Light From Sugar
79 Light From The Potath
79 Light From The Oyster
79 Light From Derbyshire Spar
80 Light From Oyster-Shells
80 Rings Of Light In Crystal
80 To Strike Light With Cane
80 Cause Of Transparency
81 Transparency Of Gold
81 Tint Changed By Thickness
81 Shadows Made Darker By Increased Light
82 Miniature Thunder And Lightning
82 The Burning Glass
82 Magic Of Heat
83 Repulsion By Heat
84 Heat Passing Through Glass
84 Metals Unequally Influenced By Heat
85 Spontaneous Combustion
85 Inequality Of Heal In Fire Irons
85 Expansion Of Metal By Heat
85 Evaporation Of A Metal
86 Floating Metal On Fire
86 Heat And Cold From Flannel
86 Ice Melted By Air
86 To Hold A Hot Tea-Kettle On The Hand
87 Incombustible Linen
87 The Burning Circle
87 Water Of Different Temperatures In The Same Vessel
87 Warmth Of Different Colours
88 Substitute For Fire

91 Gas And Steam
91 Laughing Gas
92 The Luminous Wand .
92 To Make Carbonic Acid Gas
92 Carbonic Acid Gas In Wine Or Beer Vessels
93 To Extinguish Flame With Gas
93 Effect Of Hydrogen On The Voice
91 Magic Taper
91 The Gas Candle
94 Gas Bubbles
95 Gas-Light In The Day Time
95 Miniature Balloons
95 Miniature Gas-Lighting
95 Musical Gas
97 Miniature Will-O’-The-Wisp
97 Phosphoric Illumination
97 Combustion Of Iron In Oxygen Gas
98 Glow-Worm In Oxygen Gas
98 Luminous Charcoal
98 Brilliant Combustion In Cxygen
99 Flame From Cold Metals
99 Phosphorus In Chlorine
100 Caoutchouc Balloons
100 To Increase The Light Of Coal Gas
100 Gas From Indian Rubber
101 Ether Gas
101 Magic Vapour
101 Gas From The Union Of Metals
102 Invisible Gases Made Visible
102 Light Under Water
102 Gaseous Evanescence
102 Violet-Coloured Gas
103 To Collect Gases
103 The Deflagrating Spoon
103 What Is Steam?
104 The Steam Engine Simplified
104 To Boil Water By Steam
105 Distillation In Miniature
105 Candle Or Eire Crackers
105 Steam From The Kettle

109 Fire Water And Air
109 Coloured Flames
110 Yellow Flame
110 Orange-Coloured Flame
110 Emerald Green Flame
110 Instantaneous Flame
111 The Cup Of Flame
111 To Cool Flame By Metal
111 Proof That Flame Is Hollow
111 Camphor Sublimed By Flame
112 Green Fire
112 Brilliant Red Fire
112 Purple Fire
113 Silver Fire
113 The Fiery Fountain
113 The Artificial Conflagration
113 Inflammable Powder
114 Combustion Without Flame
114 Combustion Of Three Metals
114 To Make Paper Incombustible
114 Singular Experiments With Glass Tubes
115 Aquatic Bomb
115 Heat Not To Be Estimated By Touch
116 Flame Upon Water
116 Rose-Coloured Flame On Water
To Set A Mixture On Fire With Water
116 Waves Of Fire On Water
116 Explosion In Water
117 Water From The Flame Of A Candle
117 Formation Of Water By Fire
117 Boiling Upon Cold Water
118 Currents In Boiling Water
118 Hot Water Lighter Than Cold
118 Expansion Of Water By Cold
119 The Cup Of Tantalus
119 Imitative Diving Bell
120 The Water-Proof Sieve
120 More Than Full
120 To Cause Wine And Water To Change Places
120 Pyramid Of Alum
121 Visible Vibration
122 Charcoal In Sugar
122 Floating Needles
122 Water In A Sling
122 Attraction In A Glass Of Water
123 To Prevent Cork Floating In Water
123 Instantaneous Freezing
123 To Freeze Water With Ether
124 Production Of Nitre
124 Curious Transposition
124 Animal Barometer
124 Magic Soap
125 Equal Pressure Of Water
125 To Empty A Glass Under Water
125 To Empty A Glass Of Water With Out Touching It
126 Decomposition Of Water
126 Water Heavier Than Wine
126 To Inflate A Bladder Without Air
126 Air And Water Balloon
127 Heated Air Balloon
127 The Pneumatic Tinder Box
127 The Bacchus Experiment
128 The Mysterious Circles
130 Prince Rupert’s Drops
130 Vegetable Hygrometer
131 The Pneumatic Dancer
132 The Ascending Snake
132 The Pneumatic Phial
133 Resin Bubbles
133 Moisture Of The Atmosphere
133 Climates Of A Room
134 Bubbles In Champagne
134 Proofs That Air Is A Heavy Fluid
135 To Support A Pea On Air
135 Pyrophorus, Or Air-Tinder
136 Beauty Of A Soap-Bubble
137 Why A Guinea Falls More Rapidly Than A Feather Through The Air
138 Solidity Of Air
139 Breathing And Smelling

141 Sleights And Subtleties
143 The Ring And The Handkerchief
144 The Knotted Handkerchief
146 The Invisible Springs
147 The Miraculous Apple
148 The Self-Balanced Pail
148 The Phantom At Command
150 The Miraculous Shilling
151 The Locomotive Shilling
152 The Penetrative Sixpence
152 The Vanishing Sixpence
153 To Make A Sixpence Balance And Spin On Its Edge On The Point Of A Needle
153 The Multiplying Coin
153 The Magic Rat Trap
154 The Velocity Of Motion
155 The Exploding Bubble
155 The Magic Picture
156 Artificial Lightning
156 Three Objects Discernible Only With Both Eyes
156 To Tell By A Watch Dial The Hour When A Person Intends To Rise
157 To Make A Ring Suspend By A Thread, After The Thread Has Been Burned
157 To Melt A Piece Of Money In A Walnut shell Without Injuring The Shell
158 The Magical Mirrors
159 The Enchanted Bottle
159 The Armed Apparition
160 To Extract The Silver Out Of A Ring That Is Thickly Gilded, So That The Gold May Remain Entire
160 Curious Experiment With A Glass Of Water
160 A Luminous Bottle, Which Will Show The Hour On A Watch In The Dark
161 The Wonderful Hat
161 To Bring A Person Down Upon A Feather
162 The Apparent Impossibility
162 An Omelet Cooked In A Hat Over The Flame Of A Candle
163 The Impossible Omelet
163 Go If You Can
163 The Figure Puzzle
163 The Visible Invisible
164 The Double Meaning
164 Quite Tired Out
164 Something Out Of The Common
165 To Rub One Sixpence Into Two
165 Magic Circle

169 Melange
169 Illusions Of Touch
170 Illusion Of The Taste
170 The General Bleacher
171 Influence Of Coloured Glass On Bulbous Roots
171 The Spinning Top “Asleep”
172 To Judge Of Weights
172 Quicksilver And Oil United
172 To Dissolve The Soda In Glass
173 Waterproof Paper
173 To Dissolve Gold Or Platinum
173 Colder Than Ice
173 Contra-Crystallization
174 One And One Do Not Make Two
174 To Cony Writing Instantly
174 The Rival Dials
174 To Spin Indian Rubber
175 Indelible Writing
175 Vegetable Anatomy
176 To Tell What O’Clock It Is By The Moon
177 The Physiognotype
177 Infinite Divisibility Of Matter
178 Holding The Breath
178 Sand In The Hour-Glass
179 Resistance Of Sand
180 Glass Broken By Sand
180 To Bleach Ivory
180 Vanishing Sheila
180 The Magic Egg
181 The Magic Whirlpool
183 Magic Porcelain
184 A Galvanic Tongue
184 Drinking Porter Out Of Pewter
184 Electric Or Galvanic Preservation
185 Light From The Diamond
185 To Break A Stone With A Blow Of The Fist
185 Mimic Frost-Work
186 To Melt Lead In A Piece Of Paper
186 Hydrostatic Balance
187 Metallic Reduction
187 Electrical Attraction And Repulsion
188 Alchemical Electricity
189 The Electric Balls
189 The Electric Dance
189 Electric Light
190 Electric Light From Brown Paper
190 Sudden Production Of Light
190 Electricity Of The Cat