Tony Anverdi: Anverdi's Lezing Seminar Lecture 1962
Anverdi, Tony: Anverdi's Lezing Lecture 1962
©1962 Anverdi, Leiden, Holland
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 6x9", 32 pages
Anverdi: Zezing Seminar Lecture 1962
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Comments: Available as an eBook combined with his 1963 lecture from Anverdi's books are almost all diagrams with very little text. Text is in Dutch, German & English.

Contents (from ebook edition):

3 Basic Disappearances With a Silk: vanishing a billiard ball, four methods using sleeving
8 Disappearances Without a Silk: vanishing a ball, two methods using sleeving
10 Color Changes: two methods
12 Transpositions: using cup, ball and silk
13 - using 3 ball stand and silk
16 Production of 3 Balls: wearing jacket and using a silk
19 Playing With a Ball and a Thread: advanced manipulation with a ball, silk and glass
22 - Another Cup, Silk, and Ball vanish
23 With Silk: thread and silk, no ball, silk vanishes to pocket
24 - Silk Penetrates Glass
25 A Silk and a Ring: ring comes free of silk
27 - Another version
28 - Two Rings and Silk
29 - Ring Becomes Attached to Silk
30 System of Anverdi's Tray: special glass and tray