Greg Arce: Deep Thought
Arce, Greg: Deep Thought
©2004 Greg Arce
Softcover, 52 pages
Arce: Deep Thought
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Comments: Greg's first book of mentalism, with 7 effects. Was also put out as an eBook.

Contents (from web description, numbers are not page numbers):

1 Essay
2 Emotion-All: spectators pick emotion cards and performer recreates the feeling
3 Adam's Prediction: cute and very entertaining nail-writing routine
4 Date Me: Calendar/Card routine
5 Where's the Remote: performer knows every card in a group he chose
6 Fan Belt: memorized deck approach to the classic fan force
7 Scorch: equivoque routine allows performer to get spectator to name card in an envelope
8 Floater: stage version of Scorce using a card in a balloon