Gregory Arce: Lost In Thought
Arce, Gregory: Lost In Thought
©2006 Gregory Arce
Softcover, 125 pages
Arce: Lost In Thought
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Comments: Gregory's routines are fully explained, including lots of the psychology used in their presentation.

Contents (from book):

4 Foreword (Millard Longman)
7 Introduction
9 Acting Techniques: sense memory and other acting techniques applied
20 Shooting Lincoln: magician predicts which of 3 coins chosen and heads or tails
28 Fo(u)r Eyes: routine based on Mr. Gauci's Eye to Eye "which hand" effect
37 Voo-Deux: both the spot and weapon used on a voodoo doll were predicted
42 Bomb Roulette: performer finds the defused bombs, leaving the active one
45 Pinhead’s Roulette: a very safe "dangerous" roulette routine
49 What A Charade: performers determines which charade cards the spectator is lying about
54 Swap: card in wallet matches free selection from deck
57 Sticky Pop: duplicate of chosen card is found in balloon using a clever deck
63 Some Strange Ideas: intro to the next few effects
64 Bizarre Dupe: drawing duplication using Paul Harris' Bizarre Twist and Cros Twist, which are not detailed
66 Super Swindle Steal: using Paul's card steal for message duplication, again the details are not described
68 A Symbol Color: Jumbo ESP card prediction opener
70 Wine-Oh!: spectators eliminate bags and remaining one contains a glass of wine
72 Sticky Dupe: performer duplicates drawing on a business card
75 Magic Words – A Rant: on being unique rather than just copying other magicians
79 Postcards From The Edge: spectator selects unique postcards with the appropriately addressed envelope
84 The ___ Book: an "encrypted" book lets you duplicate the reading of any random page from four other books
92 B’Wave Heart Or Diamond: a presentation for the B'Wave deck
92 Some Ideas: some tidbits or ideas
95 - Clues: ending for a Clue Game prediction
96 - Rock/Paper/Scissors Once: winning the first round
97 - Silly Magnet: hiding a magnet
99 - Q&A Gift Bag: clever bag idea for a one-ahead
101 - Pre-Show Subtlety: clever way to get pre-show information without the spectator being aware
104 Hypno-Math: spectator's memory is changed as a math equation mysteriously changes
107 Mapquest: from a stack of map cards, three are selected and sealed in envelopes, and performer determines which spectator is thinking of which location
111 Add Sense: pieces of a newspaper are eliminated and performer predicts final word
120 Hallmark Memory: an apparent Birthday card prediction
124 One More Rant: on experience