Arch, Dave: All New Tricks for Trainers
©1998 HRD Press, Inc., MA
Softcover, perfect-bound, 153 pages
ISBN 0-87425-448-5
Arch: All New
              Tricks for Trainers

Comments: "57 tricks & techniques to grab and h old the attention of any audience...and get magical results!"


ix Foreword
xi Category Key
1 Introduction

5 Openers and Energizers
5 Man Swims the Mississippi!: Perception Skills, Brain Game, Creative Tools
7 A Brain in Motion Stays in Motion: Brain Game
9 Algebra in the A.M.: Brain Game
11 Different Parts, Same Whole: Brain Game
13 The Customer is Always (Drawn) First: Involvement & Interaction, Creative Tools
15 You've Got to Accentuate the Positive: Involvement & Interaction, Creative Tools

19 Learner Motivation
19 You Don't Know "Jacks": Card Trick, Perception Skills, Energizer
21 Stump the Trunk: Creative Tools, Card Trick
23 Magicians Among Us: Involvement & Interaction, Card Trick, Energizer, Closing Technique
25 They'll Return On Time Like Magic!: Involvement & Interaction, Card Trick, Energizer
27 Three Possible Impossibilities: Brain Game, Involvement & Interaction, Creative Tools
29 The Magic Flame and the Hankie: Creative Tools, Closing Technique
31 Calculator "Connivery": Computer Skills, Involvement & Interaction

35 Communiations
35 Same Words, Different Message: Brain Game
37 Emphasize That That, Not This That: Opener, Brain Game, Competition, Perception Skills
39 Father's Cousin's Sister's Son: Listening Skills, Brain Game
41 Detail Counts - Period: Perception Skills, Brain Game, Energizer
43 Laughable Ads, Laudable Learning: Perception Skills, Involvement & Interaction, Energizer
45 Eliminate Jargon ASAP: Computer Skills, Involvement & Interaction

49 Deliver
49 "Step" Carefully: Energizer, Brain Game, Involvement & Interaction, Closing Technique)
53 Memo Magic: Creative Tools, Telepathic Trick, Closing Technique
55 "In Closing" Closes Brains: Closing Technique
57 The Mysterious Main Messages: Closing Technique, Creative Tools
59 Carefully Calculated Words: Energizer, Brain Game, Creative Tools, Closing Technique
63 An Odd Way to End the Day: Involvement & Inspiration, Telepathic Trick, Closing Technique
65 Three Points, One Page: Creative Tools, Closing Technique
67 Don't Let the Lights Go Out: Involvement & Interaction

71 Creative Thinking
71 Making "Horse Sense" During a Major Change: Creative Tools, Brain Game, Energizer
73 Learning To Think: Perception Skills, Brain Game, Involvement & Interaction, Card Trick
75 Mind Over Machine: Computer Skills, Energizer, Creative Tools, Competition
79 "Twisted" Thinking Saves the Day: Brain Game, Energizer, Involvement & Interaction, Competition
81 Possible Impossibilities: Energizer, Brain Game, Creative Tools, Closing Technique

85 Review
85 Off To The Races: Energizer, Competition, Closing Technique
87 The Flu Review: Involvement & Interaction, Telepathic Trick
89 Charts of Wonder: Telepathic Trick, Closing Technique
93 Insuring Your Main Message: Creative Tools, Closing Technique
97 Want High-Involvement Review? Bingo!: Competition, Involvement & Interaction, Creative Tools, Closing Technique
99 Promise the World - Deliver a Great Review: Card Trick, Telepathic Trick, Creative Tools, Closing Technique
101 Mystical Circles, Magical Learning: Involvement & Interaction, Telepathic Trick, Closing Technique
103 Even the Mistake is Predictable: Involvement & Interaction, Telepathic Trick, Creative Tools
107 Careful, or You'll Fool Yourself!: Telepathic Trick, Energizer, Card Trick, Involvement & Interaction, Closing Technique

109 Puzzlers for Presenters™
153 About the Author