Archer, Danny: Three Ball Routine
1998 (circa) Danny Archer Magic
Softcover, saddle-stitched 5.5x8.5", 7 pages

Came with a set of props
Danny Archer:
              Three Ball Routine
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Comment [Magicref]: This is Danny Archer's version of the classic 3 ball routine made famous by Silent Mora. The routine was made available in two versions. One version contains a net so that you can do the routine standing up. I have the non-net version, so I can't make any comments the net. Aldo Colombini, David Roth, and Dai Vernon also feature this effect (among others, I'm sure!). Danny's routine is good.


1 What: Single rubber ball is produced, disappears, and reappears. The ball turns into two, then three balls. The balls are placed into the other hand one at a time, and transfer back to the right hand. One ball is placed in the pocket, but reappears. Finally, all the balls vanish.
1 How: Props explained, how to practice, and credit to Oscar Platek for key move.
1 Take Two Steal: described
1 LH Action: described
1 RH Action: described
2 Both Hands Together
2 0,1,2,3
3 Across Once
3 The Second Time Around
3 Two Many Balls
4 The Easy Way
4 The Hard Way
5 3,2,1,0
5 This: Discussion of the effect which has also been performed by Ed Marlo, Silent Mora, Dai Vernon, Johnny Thompson, Bob Sheets, and David Roth. Describes use of the net for when the balls drop. Tips on performance
6 Blatant Plug: notes on Danny Archer's lecture notes.
7 8 line drawings to show hand positions for various moves