Archer, Danny: On Target
©2007 Danny Archer Magic
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 19 pages
Danny Archer: On Target
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1 Small Talk: Danny's handling of David Williamson's Money Talks, a three coin production, vanish, and reproduction
4 Triple Thoughts: Three cards are selected by three spectators and discovered by the magician
6 Handy Business: a magical way to produce your business cards
7 Trick Photography II: card selection appears in a photograph
9 Big Bill: Three spectators choose envelopes with gags, while the magician's contains $100
12 DSP: Game score prediction
14 Star Search: Celebrity photo prediction seems to go wrong
16 Dexter the Incredible Card Finding Dog!: Wind up dog finds card selection after some trouble
18 Pick a Coin...Any Coin: Magician instantly finds initialed coin in clear bag of coins