Armour, Richard (editor): Magic of the Scottish Conjurer's Association
©1945 Scottish Conjurers Association, U.K.
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 27 pages

©1947 Lloyd E. Jones, Oakland, CA
Hardcover, 6x9:, 31 pages
              Armour: Magic of the Scottish Conjurers Association
1945 Edition
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Magic of the
              Scottish Conjurer's Association
1947 Lloyd E. Jones Edition
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Comments: 21 Effects With Extras. Compiled from the Scottish Conjurer's Association, Cuthbertons Studios, 222 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow, C.I.

Contents: (from 1947 edition; corrected missing entry and added descriptions 5/2021)

6 Secretarial Salutations (Duncan Johnstone)
7 Switch is Which (John Ramsay of Ayr): coin switch
8 The Prophetic Dart (De Vega): message on slate matches word hit by a dart
9 A Somewhat Different Card Trick (Fred Erbe): comedy card revelation
9 Adhesive Hint (Nelson Lyford): idea for sticky tape
9 A Slow Motion Vanish (Frederica): of a card; ruins the card
11 Easter Eggs (R.H. Thomson): vanishing bowl of water but no water!
13 Four Thimble Vanish (Tom Watson): using a pull
14 A Super Coincidence (Hugh Watson): with blue and red decks
15 False Count (J.B. Findlay): for coins
15 Coin Stand (Armour): coins to glass using a special coin stand, dropper and tumbler
16 Rex. O.D. Force; or Ye Old Cronies Foregather (Nelson Lyford): four Aces come together
18 Off and On Coin Trick (Armour): gimmicked coin comes of and back on a string
18 A Record Mystery (Geo. M. Mackenzie): a phonograph record vanishes in its sleeve and returns to the record player
20 The Great Divide (De Vega): simple stage illusion
22 One Hand Card Force (Oliver Mackenzie)
23 Flash  (Duncan Johnston): torn and restored newspaper
24 The Homing Silks (Leslie May): color silk effect
26 The Six Kisses (Armour): crosses drawn on a bat transpose with those on a slate, etc.
27 Rising Card (J.B. Findlay, president, SCA): card rises from a book
28 A Cut and Restored Ribbon (Alva Glen)
29 A Color Hint: painting with powder
29 Card and Box (Leslie May)
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