Army, Dan: Black
©2007 1st Edition
eBook, 83 Pages

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( Black is a compilation of all of Danís work many years in the making. All of the following effects are practical, direct, and creative. These effects have been designed and tested for the real world, anytime, anywhere. Besides these effects, this ebook includes many informative articles to help you along the way. Dan also has full spreads about Psychological forcing, Hellstromism, food for thought, scams, and deception. He also covers his ideas on magic, including inspiration, effort, and passion.

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1 Inked: A blue-backed card is chosen and lost back into the deck. The performer removes a magical red backed card from his wallet, and slowly reveals that the signature has transposed onto the red backed card.
2 No Charge: With no cover, four aces visually appear out of nowhere. A great opener.
3 Burn: Card is selected, signed, torn into pieces, and lit with a lighter. Performer rubs the ashes against the back of the top card of the deck, which is turned over by the spectator to reveal the signed card.
4 Memory: This technique will allow you to memorize the order of a deck shuffled by the spectator! You can name almost any card at any location with ease.
5 Infrared: A sealed Invisible Deck effect
6 Amidst: Danís classic three phase sandwich effect.
7 Infernal Cheat: Revelation involving a borrowed watch and a deck of cards.
8 Enemy: Card stab routine.
9 Transport: A card signed and lost in an old deck is found to have transported to a new deck
10 Scithe: Danís take on the classic Here Then There.
11 Impression: A photo copy of a blank card prints out the signed selection, or a version using a Cell Phone camera.
12 Lightning Monte: Two Card Monte but one Ace is cleanly placed in their fingers. At lightning speed, they instantly switch. The cards could be face up if you wanted them to be! Finally, it ends with the classic transposition of the jokers.
13 Torched: Card values are written on a straw wrapper and the wrapper is burned, stopping right before the selected value.
14 Flaw: Card to card box effect using a red and blue decks.