Arneson, D.J.: Doctor Graves Magic Book
©1977 Charlton Press, Inc., CT
Softcover, perfect-bound, 6x9", 62 pages
Doctor Graves
              Magic Book
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Comments: a Bizarre magic book for beginners! While the tricks are simple, they are each accompanied by "bizarre" tales for patter.


1 Dr. Graves Magic Book: introduction
3 Some Simple Rules for Magicians: natural, practice, etc.
5 The Pharaoh's Finger: finger in box stunt
7 The Flying Fish: special goldfish
9 The Mysterious Money Tree: coin from an orange
11 The Man With the X-Ray Eyes: seeing a card in a card box
13 The Bottomless Purse: long stick vanishes in small purse
15 Mystery Message: message appears on arm
16 The Linking Scarves: handkerchiefs link in the air
18 The Suspended Skull: small skull moves at your command
20 The Enchanted Spice Shaker: salt shaker suspends from fingertip
21 The Talking Wall: message appears on a chalk board
24 The Vanishing Calling Card: card changes when stepped on
26 The Balancing Obelisk: mysterious story for the balancing egg
28 A Bountiful Bag: an empty bag holds your belongings
29 The Curious Cask: flask pours two colors of liquid
31 The Disappearing Bill: dinner bill vanishes under a napkin
33 The Magic Coin Changer: change for a 50 cent piece is produced in a mysterious way
36 The Mystical Memory Card: magician determines which letters are covered by a coin on a business card
38 The Man With The Iron Mouth: a plate is bitten and restored!
40 The Aquifer: water from a tube of paper
42 The Rising Card: card rises from card box
44 The Brilliant Bookworm: one envelope comes free of a ribbon
47 The Wonderful Walking Stick: color changing wand
49 The Talking Ring: finger ring gives messages by rising up and down wand
51 The Mysterious Mind Reader: mathematical mind reading
53 The Enchanted Onion: a floating ping-pong ball
55 The Rich Beggar: coin vanish from glass
58 The Golden Fleece: an extra coin appears
61 A Closing Message: tips on performance