Arnold, George and Frank Cahill: The Magician's Own Book,
or Whole Art of Conjuring
©1857 Dick & Fitzgerald
Hardcover, 362 pages
The Magician's Own Book
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Geroge Arnold & Frank Cahill: The Magician's Own Book

Comments: "Being a Complete Hand-Book of Parlor Magic, and containing Over One Thousand Optical, Chemical, Mechanical, and Magical Experiments, Amusing Transmutations, Astonishing Sleights and Subtleties, Celebrated Card Deceptions, Ingenius Tricks with Numbers, Curious and Entertaining Puzzles, Together wth All the Most Noted Tricks of Modern Performers, the Whole Illustrated with Over 500 Wood Cuts, and intended as a source of amusement for One Thousand and One Evenings."

The authors of this book are not listed in the book, but are suspected. (see a good article on this by Bill Palmer on The Magic Café:


iii Preface
v Index

1 The Young Conjuror

3 Sleight Of Hand
3 The Flying Dime
4 - Another Method
5 The Beads And Strings
5 To Get A Ring Out Of A Handkerchief
6 To Tie A Knot In A Handkerchief Which Cannot Be Drawn Tight
7 The Three Cups
8 To Tie A Handkerchief Round Your Leg, And Get It Off Without Untying The Knot
8 The Magic Bond Tc
8 The Old" Man And His Chair
10 To Tie A Knot On The Left Wrist, With-Out Letting The Right Hand Approach It
11 The Magic Handcuffs
11 To Pull A String Through Your Button-Hole
12 The Cut Strig Restored
12 The Gordian Knot
13 The Knot Loosened
13 To Conjure Nuts In Your Ear
14 To Crack Walnuts In Your Elbow
14 To Take Feathers Out Of An Empty Handkerchief
14 The Knotted Handkerchief
16 Houdini's Nut Trick
17 Conjuring A Ring
18 The Erratic Egg
19 The Obedient Dime
19 The Prisoner Released
19 Advantageous Wager
20 The Double Meaning
20 The Three Spoons
20 The Jugglers Joke
21 To Cause Water And Wine To Change Places
21 The Wizard's Wit, Or Is It Possible
21 The Toper's Stratagem
21 The Impossible Omelet
22 New Perpetual Rotary Motion
22 The Miraculous Apple
23 An Omelet Cooked In A Hat
23 The Infallible Prophet
24 Philosophy Cheated
26 The Disappearing Dime
27 The Hat And Die Trick
27 The Penetrative Cents
29 The Doll Trick
30 The Flying Coins
30 The Vanished Half Dime
30 The Restored Document
31 The Magic Rings
32 The Fish And Ink Trick
32 The Hat And Cannon Ball Trick
33 The Dime In The Ball Of Cotton
33 The Egg And Bag Trick
34 The Dancing Egg
34 The Bell And Shot Trick
35 The Burned Handkerchief Restored
35 The Fire Eater
36 The Egg Box Trick
36 The Globe Box Trick
37 The Coffee Trick
38 The Handkerchief Trick
41 The Magic Funnel
41 The Magic Bottle
42 The Bottle Trick
44 The Magic Quarter
44 To Change A Dime To A Quarter
46 Wyman's Gun Trick
46 The Hatched Bird
47 The Apple And Orange Trick
47 A Magician's Box Explained
48 The Enchanted Coin
49 The Mysterious Coin, Or How To Make Dollars Pass Through A Wine Glass, A China Plate, A Table, And Fall Into The Hand
50 The Egyptian Fluids, Or Impossibilities Accomplished
51 The Magician's Snow Ball
52 The Magnetized Cane
52 Wyman's Mode Of Performing The Egg Bag Trick

55 Tricks And Deceptions With Cards
55 To Make The Pass
55 To Tell A Card By Its Back
56 The Card Named Without Being Seen
56 The Card Told By An Opera Glass
58 The Four Kings
58 The Four Accomplices
59 To Tell The Card Thought Of, In A Circle Of Ten
59 To Guess The Card Thought Of
60 To Tell The Number Of Cards By Weight
61 Audacity
61 The Card Found At The Second Guess
61 The Card Found Under The Hat
61 To Call The Cards Out Of The Pack
62 Heads And Tails
62 The Surprise
63 The Revolution
63 The Slipped Card
63 The Nailed Card
64 To Ascertain The Number Of Points On Three Unseen Cards
64 To Tell The Numbers On Two Unseen Cards
64 The Knaves And The Constable
65 The Pairs Repaired
66 The Queens Digging For Diamonds
67 The Triple Deal
67 The Quadruple Deal
67 The Card Discovered By The Touch Or Smell
67 The Ingenious Confederacy
69 Hold It Fast
69 The Charmed Twelve
70 The Trick Of "Thirty-One"
71 To Tell The Names Of The Cards By Their Weight
73 The Cards In The Vase
74 The Metamorphosis
76 To Hold Four Kings, Or Four Knaves In Your Hand, And To Change Them Suddenly Into Blank Cards, And Then To Four Aces
76 To Change A Card In A Person's Hand
77 The Card In The Egg
78 The Fifteen Thousand Lives
79 Hints To Amateurs
80 Cure For Troublesome Spectators
81 The Secret of Ventriloquism

84 The Magic Of Chemistry
84 Sympathetic Or Invisible Inks
85 The Silver Tree
86 Cleopatra's Pearls
86 Wonderful Experiments In Combustion
86 Mimic Rain
87 Marine Illumination
88 The Mimic Explosion
88 The Shower Of Fire
88 The Magical Heat
89 The Magic Lamp
89 Surprising Experiments With Potassium
89 The Water Demon
89 A Flame Produced With Ice
90 The Chemical Chimney Sweep
90 The Magical Illumination
91 The Chemical Chimeleon
92 Crystallizations Of Metals
93 Beauties Of Crystallization
93 To Crystallize Camphor
94 To Do Tin
94 Crystals In Hard Water
94 Varieties Of Crystals
94 A Liquid Changed To A Solid, And Heat From Crystallization
95 Beautiful Experiment
95 A Solid Changed To A Liquid, And Intense Cold From The Liquefaction
95 Masfie Of Heat
96 Sublimation By Heat
96 Heat Passing Through Glass
97 Metals Unequally Influenced By Heat
97 Spontaneous Combustion
97 Inequality Of Heat In Fire Irons
97 Expansion Of Metal By Heat
98 Evaporation Of A Metal
98 A Floating Metal On Fire
98 Ice Melted By Air
98 Splendid Sublimation
98 Magic Inks
99 Chameleon Liquids
99 The Magic Dyes
99 Wine Changed Into Water
100 Two Colorless Transparent Liquids Be-Come Black And Opaque
100 Two Colorless Fluids, Make A Colored One
100 Change Of Color, By Colorless Fluids
100 To Change Blue Liquid To White
100 Veritable "Black" Tea
101 Restoration Of Color By Water
101 Two Liquids Make A Solid
101 Two Solids Make A Liquid
101 A Solid, Opaque Mass, Makes A Transparent Liquid
101 Two Cold Liquids Make A Hot One
102 Quintuple Transmutation
102 The Same Agent May Produce And Destroy Color
102 Union Of Two Metals Without Heat
102 Magic Breath
103 Two Bitters Make A Sweet
103 Visible And Invisible
103 To Form A Liquid Of Two Solids
104 The Spectral Lamp
105 Curious Change Of Colors
105 The Protean Light
105 The Chameleon Flowers
105 To Change The Colors Of Flowers
106 Changes Of The Poppy
106 Changes Of The Rose
106 Light Changing White Into Black
106 The Visibly Growing Acorn
107 Colored Flames
107 Orange Colored Flame
107 Emerald Green Flame
107 Instantaneous Flame
108 To Cool Flume By Metal
108 Proof That Flame Is Hollow
108 To Hold A Hot Tea Kettle On The Hand
108 Incombustible Linen
108 The Burning Circle
109 Water Of Different Temperatures In The Same Vessel
109 Warmth Of Different Colors
109 Substitute For Fire
109 Laughing Gas
110 Flame From Cold Metals
110 Phosphorus In Chlorine
111 Magic Vapor
111 Gas From The Union Of Metals
111 Camphor Sublimated By Flame
111 Green Fire
112 Brilliant Red Fire
112 Purple Fire
112 Silver Fire
112 Fiery Fountain
112 Cumbustion Without Flame
113 Combustion Of Three Metals
113 To Make Paper Apparently Incombustible
113 Heat Not To Be Estimated By Touch
113 Flame Upon Water
113 Rose Colored Flame Upon Water
114 To Set A Mixture On Fire By Water
114 Waves Of Fire On Water
114 Water From The Flame Of A Candle
114 Porniation Of "Water By Fire"
114 Boiling Upon Cold Water
114 Currents In Boiling Water
115 Hot Water Lighter Than Cold
115 Expansion Of Water By Cold
115 The Cup Of Tantalus
116 The Magic Whirlpool
117 Artificial Fire Balls
118 To Melt Steel As Easily As Lead
118 To Tell A Lady If She Is In Love
118 To Put An Egg In A Phial
118 To Astonish A Large Party
119 Magical Test Papers
119 Infinite Divisibility

123 Experiments In Electricity
123 The Rotary Tobacco Pipe
123 The Erratic Feather
124 The Attractive Sealing Wax
124 The Unneighborly Balls
124 The Electrified Paper
124 The Sociable Feather
124 The Eccentric Feather
124 The Discontented Pith Ball
124 The Dancing Bran
124 The Electrical Cat
125 Electrical Shock From A Sheet Of Paper
126 Light Under Water
126 Simple Means Of Producing Electricity
127 Attraction And Repulsion Exhibited
127 How To Make An Electrical Machine
128 Conductor
129 The Plate Electrical Machine
129 How To Draw Sparks From The Tip The Nose
129 How To Get A Jar Full Of Electricity
130 The Electrical Battery
131 Dancing Balls And Dolls
131 The Electrical Kiss
131 Ringing Bells
132 Working Power Of Electricity
132 The Electrified Wig
133 Imitation Thunder Clouds
133 The Lightning Stroke Imitated
134 The Sportsman

135 Experiments In Galvanism
135 Singular Galvanic Shock
135 The Flash Of Light
135 The Magical Cup
136 The Prisoner Leech
136 The Metamorphosed Knife
136 With Plates In Water
137 To Make A Magnet By Galvanism
137 Effects Of Galvanism On A Magnet
137 Change Of Color By Galvanism
138 The Galvanic Shock
138 A Galvanic Tongue
138 Influence Of Galvanism On Porter And Ale
138 The Galvanized Flounds

139 Experiments In Magnetism
139 The Impromptu Magnet
140 The Merry Iron Filings
140 Test Of Magnetic Power
140 To Make Artificial Magnets
140 How To Magnetize A Poker
141 To Show Magnetic Attraction And Re-Pulsion
141 Variation Of The Needle
141 Dip Of The Needle
141 To Suspend A Needle In The Air, By Magnetism
142 Magnetism By Hammering
142 Power Of The Electro-Magnet
142 The Mariners Compass
143 To Make Artificial Magnets Without The Aid Of Either Natural Load-Stone, Or Artificial Magnets
144 The Watch Magnetized
144 North And South Poles Of The Magnet
144 Polarity Of The Magnet
145 Magnetic Action And Reaction
145 To Pass Magnetism Through A Table
145 The Magnetic Table
145 Interesting Particulars Concerning The Magnet
146 Exaggerated Magnetism

148 The Magic Of Pneumatics And Aerostatics
148 Weight Of The Air Proved By A Pair Of Bellows
148 The Pressure Of Air Shown By A Wine Glass
148 The Pressure Of Air Shown By A Glass Jar
149 Elasticity Of The Air
149 The Air Pump
150 To Prove That Air Has Weight
150 To Prove Air Elastic
150 Air In The Egg
151 The Descending Smoke
151 Half Eagle And Feather
152 The Soundless Bell
152 The Floating Fish
152 The Mysterious Circles
154 The Diving Bell
154 The Air Balloon
155 How To Make An Air Balloon
156 How To Fill A Balloon
157 To Make Fire Balloons
157 The Mysterious Bottle
157 How To Make A Parachute
157 Caoutchouc Balloons

159 The Magic Of Optics
159 Light As An Effect
159 Refraction
159 The Invisible Coin Made Visible
160 The Multiplying Glass
160 Transparent Bodies
160 The Prism
161 To Make A Prism
161 Composition Of Light
162 A Natural Camera Obscura
162 Bullock's Eyes Experiment
162 The Camera Obscura
163 The Magic Lantern
164 The Camera Lucida
164 Painting The Slides
165 To Exhibit The Magic Lantern
165 Effects Of The Magic Lantern
165 Ten-Pest At Sea
166 The Phantasmagoria
167 Dissolving Views
167 How To Praise A Ghost
168 The Thaumatrope
168 The Bird In The Cage
168 Construction Of The Phantasmaescope
169 Curious Optical Illusion
170 - Another
170 - Another
171 The Picture In The Air
171 Breathing Light And Darkness
172 To Show What Pays Of Light Do Not Obstruct Each Other
172 To See Through A Philadelphia Brick
173 The Stereoscope
175 Ocular Spectra
176 Brilliant Water Mirror
176 Optics Of A Soap Bubble
176 The Kaleidoscope
177 Simple Solar Microscope
178 Anamorphoses
180 The Cosmorama
180 Distorted Landscapes
181 The Magic Coin

182 Tricks In Mechanics
182 Importance Of Mechanics
182 The Laws Of Motion
182 Experiment Of The Law Of Motion
183 Balancing
183 The Prancing Horse
183 To Construct A Figure, Which, Being Placed On A Curved Surface, And Inclined In Any Position, Shall, When Left To Itself, Return To Its Former Position
183 To Make A Carriage Run In An Inverted Position, Without Falling
184 To Cause A Cylinder To Roll Of Its Own Weight, Up Hill
184 The Balanced Stick
184 The Chinese Mandarin
184 To Make A Quarter Dollar Turn On Its Edge On The Point Of A Needle
185 The Self-Balanced Pail
185 To Lift A Bottle With A Straw
186 The Dancing Pea
186 The Toper's Tripod
187 The Magical Snake, Or The Obliquity Of Motion
187 The Bridge Of Knives
188 Sand In The Hour Glass
188 Resistance Of Sand

189 Tricks In Hydraulics And Hydrostatics
189 The Science Of Hydraulics
189 The Fountain And Pump
190 The Hydraulic Dancer
191 The Syphon
191 The Water Snail, Or Archimedean Screw
192 The Bottle Ejectment
192 The Magic Of Hydrostatics With The Ancients
192 To Empty A Glass Under Water

193 Tricks In Acoustics
193 The Science Of Acoustics
193 Difference Between Sound And Noise
193 Visible Vibration
194 Transmited Vibration
194 Double Vibration
194 Champagne And Sound
195 Music Of The Snail
195 The Tuning Fork A Flute Player
195 Musical Bottles
195 Theory Of Whispering
196 Theory Of The Voice
196 To Tune A Guitar Without The Assistance Of The Ear
196 Progress Of Sound
196 To Make An Aeolian Harp
197 The Invisible Girl
198 Magic Of Acoustics With The Ancients
198 To Show How Sound Travels Through A Solid
198 To Show That Sound Depends Upon Vibration

199 The Magic Of Numbers, Or Curious Tricks In Arithmetic
199 Aphorisms Of Number
200 Palpable Arithmetic
201 The Abacus
202 Napier's Rods
203 The Arithmetica Boomerang
203 To Find A Number Thought Of
204 - Second Method
205 - Third Method
205 - Fourth do.
206 - Fifth do.
206 Sixth do.
206 To Discover Two Or More Numbers That A Person Has Thought of
207 How Many Counters Have I In My Hands?
208 The Mysterious Halvings, To Tell A Number A Person Has Thought Of
209 - Second Method
211 Who Wears The Ring?
212 What Is Probable?
213 Variations
214 Amusing Combinations
217 The Visitors To The Crystal Palace
217 How Many Changes Can Be Given To Seven Notes Of A Piano?
217 The Arithmetical Triangle
218 How Many Different Deals Can Be Made With Thirteen Cards Out Of Fifty Two
218 The Three Graces
219 - Second Method
220 - Third Method
221 The Fortunate Ninth
222 The Ten Ten's
223 Dividing The Beer
224 The Difficult Case Of Wine
224 Decimation Of Fruit
225 The Wine And The Tables
225 The Three Travelers
226 What Counter Has Been Thought Of Out Of Sixteen
227 Magic Squares
227 Odd Magic Squares
229 The Square Of Gotham
230 The Mathematical Blacksmith
230 Curious Properties Of Some Figures
234 The Industrious Frog
235 The Council Of Ten
235 The Two Travelers
237 Arithmetical Trick
237 The Money Trick
237 The Philosopher's Pupils
238 To Discover A Square Number
238 The Sheep, And The Sheep Fold
238 The Countrywoman And The Eggs
239 To Rub Out Twenty Chalks At Five Times, Rubbing Out Every Time An Odd One
239 The Impossible Triangle
239 Odd Or Even
240 The Figures, Up To 100, Arranged As To Make 505 In Each Column, When Counted In Ten Columns Perpen Dicularly, And The Same When Counted In Ten Files Horizontally
240 The Old Woman And Her Eggs
241 The Mathematical Fortune Teller
242 The Dice Guessed Unseen
242 The Sovereign And The Sage
243 The Knowing Shepherd
243 The Certain Game
244 The Astonished Farmer
244 The Magical Century
245 The Hatter Cheated
245 The Basket Of Nuts
246 The United Digits
246 December And May
246 The Two Drovers
246 The Basket And Stones
247 The Famous Forty-Five
247 Trick In Subtraction
247 The Expunged Figure
248 The Mysterious Addition
249 To Tell At What Hour A Person Intends To Rise
249 To Find The Difference Between Two Numbers, The Greater Of Which Is Unknown
250 The Magic Remainder
250 A Person Having An Equal Number Of Counters, Or Pieces Of Money, In Each Hand, To Find How Many He Has Altogether
251 The Three Jealous Husbands
251 The False Scales
252 The Apple Woman
252 The Graces And Muses
252 The Jesuitical Teacher
253 Nine Quaint Questions
253 The Fox, Goose And Corn
253 Multiplying Money By Money
255 The Unfair Division
255 A Popular Fallacy

256 Curious Tricks In Geometry
256 The Inventor Of Geometry
256 Geometrical Definitions
257 The Five Geometrical Solids
258 How To Make Five Squares Into A Large One Without Any Waste Of Stuff
258 Deceptive Vision
259 The Carpenter Puzzled
260 The Bricklayer Puzzled
260 Triangular Problem
261 To Form A Square
262 Squaring The Circle

265 Practical Paradoxes and Puzzles
266 Alexander The Great's Puzzle
266 The Chinese Cross
267 The Parallelogram
267 The Divided Garden
267 The Endless String
268 Chinese Maze The Willow Pattern Plate
268 The Vertical Line Puzzle
269 The Three Rabbits
269 The Accommodating Square
269 The Circle Puzzle
269 The Cardboard Puzzle
269 The Button Puzzle
269 The Quarto Puzzle
270 The Puzzle Of Fourteen
270 The Square And Circle Puzzle
270 The Scale And Ring Puzzle
271 The Heart Puzzle
272 The Cross Puzzle
272 272 The Yankee Square
272 The Card Puzzle
273 The Three Square Puzzle
273 The Cylinder Puzzle
273 The Four Tenants
274 The Puzzle Wall
274 The Twenty-Four Nuns
274 The Horse Shoe Puzzle
275 The Card Square
275 The Dog Puzzle
275 Puzzle Of The Two Fathers
276 The Triangular Puzzle
276 Cutting Out A Cross
276 Another Cross Puzzle
276 The Fountain Puzzle
277 The Puzzle Of The Stars
277 The Counter Puzzle
277 Japan Square Puzzle
277 The Cabinet Maker's Puzzle
277 String And Balls Puzzle
278 Double Headed Puzzle
278 Arithmetical Puzzle
278 Grammatical Puzzle
279 The Tree Puzzle
279 Puzzling Epitaph
279 Curious Letter
279 A Puzzling Inscription
279 Puzzling Rings
283 The Knights Puzzle
284 Another Method
287 Another Method
287 Rosamond's Bower
288 The Labyrinth
289 The Chinese Puzzle
290 Trouble-Wit

291 Answers To Puzzles
291 The Chinese Cross
291 The Parallelogram
292 The Divided Garden
292 The Endless String
292 Chinese Maze
293 The Vertical Line Puzzle
293 The Three Rabbits
293 The Accommodating Square
293 The Circle Puzzle
294 The Cut Card Puzzle
294 The Button Puzzle
294 The Quarto Puzzle
294 The Puzzle Of Fourteen
295 The Square And Circle Puzzle
295 The Scale And Ring Puzzle
295 The Heart Puzzle
295 The Cross Puzzle
295 The Yankee Square
296 The Card Puzzle
296 The Three Square Puzzle
296 The Cylinder Puzzle
296 The Four Tenants
297 The Puzzle Wall
297 The Twenty-Four Nuns
297 The Horse Shoe Puzzle
297 The Card Square
298 The Dog Puzzle
298 The Two Fathers
298 The Triangular Puzzle
299 Cutting Out A Cross
299 Another Cross Puzzle
299 The Fountain Puzzle
300 The Star Puzzle
300 The Counter Puzzle
300 Japan Square Puzzle
300 Cabinet Maker's Puzzle
301 String And Balls Puzzle
301 Double Headed Puzzle
301 Arithmetical Puzzle
301 Grammatical Puzzle
301 The Tree Puzzle
302 Puzzling Epitaph
302 A Curious Letter
302 A Puzzling Inscription

303 The Magic Of Art
303 To Trace An Oval
303 An Endless Source Of Amusement
303 The Magic Of The Oval
304 Variations Of The Oval
305 What May Be Done With A Square
306 How To Make A Circle
307 Importance Of The Circle In Drawing
307 Variation Of The Square And Circle
308 Importance Of The Triangle
309 How To Construct A Triangle
310 The Triangle Works Wonders In Perspective
311 Exaggerated Drawing
312 The Parallelogram And Triangle In Combination
312 Two Parallelograms In Combination
313 Magic Of The Parallelogram
313 The Secret Of Comic Drawing
314 Caricature Sketching
315 Simple Elements Of "The Profile
316 Comic Profiles
316 "Punch," And "Mother Hubbard"
316 Comical Beards
317 The Human Figure
318 Proportions Of The Human Figure
318 Standard Height Of The Body
319 Comical Drawing Of The Human Figure
320 The Centre Of Gravity
320 A Central Line Through Everything
321 The Curved Line Pervades All Nature
323 The Droll Landscape
324 Attitude Formed Upon The Curved Line
325 How To Draw Upon Glass, For Magic Lantern Slides

326 The Magic Of Secret Writing
326 The Art Of Secret Writing Very Ancient
327 Various Modes Of Communicating Secret Intelligence
327 Chemistry An Agent In Secret Writing
328 Ingenious Mode Of Secret Writing
328 The Chiffre Indechiffrable
330 A Lock For Mr. Hobbs To Pick
331 The Circular Cypher
332 Another Method
333 The Musical Cypher

334 The Magic Of Strength
334 Mechanical Inventions Of The Ancients Few In Number
334 Ancient And Modern Feats Of Strength
335 Feats Of Eckeberg Particularly Described
335 One Man Drawing Against Two Horses
336 Breaking The Rope
336 The Anvil Feat
337 Breaking Stones
337 The Chair Feat
338 The Knee Feat
338 The Cannon Feat
339 Twisting Iron Bars
339 General Explanation On All The Above Feats
340 Real Feats Of Strength Performed By Thomas Topham
341 Remarkable Power Of Lifting Heavy Persons When The Lungs Are Inflated
342 Pyramids Of Men

343 Miscellaneous Curious Tricks And Fancies
343 An Artificial Memory
344 The Magician's Mirror
345 The Perspective Mirror
346 The Magical Gyroscope
348 Artificial Landscape
349 Easy And Curious Method Of Foretelling Rainy Or Fine Weather
350 The Magical Measure
350 The Boundless Prospect
352 The Magical Watch Lamp
352 The Hour Of The Day Or Night Told By A Suspended Shilling
352 The Enchanted Palace
353 To Know Which Of Two Different Waters Is The Lightest, Without Any Scales
353 To Know If A Suspicious Piece Of Money Is Good Or Bad
354 The Pyramid Of Alum
354 The Dancing Automaton
355 To Melt A Piece Of Money In A Walnut Shell Without Injuring The Shell
355 The Invisible Springs
356 The Flight Of The Ring
357 Musical Figures Resulting From Sound
357 To Make A Card Jump Out Of The Pack
357 The Tell-Tale Cards
358 The Double Dozen
359 The Housebreakers
360 The Magic Book
360 The Tape Trick
361 More Than Full
361 Floating Needles
361 The Knotted Thread
362 The Bacchus Experiment
362 Curious Method Of Measuring The Height Of A Tree
362 The Transposable Pieces