Peter Arnold: Easy Card Tricks
Arnold, Peter: Easy Card Tricks
©2002 Hamlyn, division of Octopus Publishing Group, Ltd, London
Hardcover, 176 pages

Also in softcover, perfect-bound
ISBN-10: 0-600-60726-7
Peter Arnold: Easy Card Tricks
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6 Introduction

9 Sleights and Shuffles
10 Normal Overhand Shuffle
11 False Overhand Shuffles: seven variations
15 The Glide
16 The Double Lift: two variations
18 Peeking
19 Palming
20 Forcing
20 - Criss-Cross Force
21 - Double Turnover Force
22 The Roly Poly Pass

25 Simple Tricks
26 An Improved Memory Trick: 21 card trick
27 - Tip: what to do if asked to repeat a trick
29 Double Prediction: spectator's insert Aces face up into deck, and magician predicts cards above the Aces
32 The Four Burglars: Three Jacks dispersed in the Deck join the fourth on the top
34 - Improvement: using the double-lift
35 Tricky Band: chosen card found reversed in a banded deck
37 - Moving to the Next Trick: how to reset
38 Five-Finger Exercise: piano card trick
40 Matching Cuts: spectator's cut to cards match three predictions
45 Boxing Clever: selected card ends up in the card box

51 Tricks With Prepared Cards
52 Red or Black: Oil and Water routine
54 Flying Cards: two chosen cards from two decks vanish to appear in two half decks previously placed in two spectator's pockets
57 Switching Places: two card transposition
59 The Upturned Card: a face up card indicates location of the selection, and the Four Aces are located
61 Clocking On: card prediction with 12 cards placed in clock formation
64 - An Alternative Double-Kick Version
66 Queen for the Day: cards are swapped in four piles but Queens end up on top
68 The Identical Card: spectator eliminates cards to find her selection
71 Queen and Jack Swap: card transposition
74 Memorizing the Telephone Book: magician reads name, etc. in a phone book entry determined by the cards
76 Amazing Memory Feat: magician names up to 10 cards missing from the deck

81 More Advanced Magic
82 A Big Hit: all cards drop to floor except the selection
85 Two For the Price of One: magician determines which of 16 cards two spectators have chosen
87 Face to Face: magician identifies a face down card
89 Ashes Victory: ashes rubbed on magician's arm reveal a selection
91 The Blackjack Detective Agency: the Jacks find the selection
93 Jumping Jacks: Jacks jump about in the deck and one turns face up
96 It's All Going Wrong: magician's selections are wrong but finally the top cards are the selections
100 The Four Aces: Aces assemble to one pile
103 Divination: magician finds two selection using papers
107 Card and Number Matching: card at a number
108 Three Card Trick: A find-the-lady effect using a diy card
115 The Wrong Card: three wrong cards are shown, and one turns into the selection
118 What Happened to the Burglers?: four Jacks are spread through the deck but end up together
121 Push Me, Pull Me: spectator pushes stuck out cards through the deck, ending with just one card sticking out - the selection
125 Sharing a Glass: magician's card in a glass transposes with spectator's selection
129 - Making Double Faced Cards

131 Odds and Ends
132 Naming a Card: spectator names cards and magician states which one was selection
133 All Done by Numbers: mathematical prediction
135 Sucker!: spectator thinks magician has failed in finding a card but loses the bet
136 The Disappearing Ace: Ace of Diamonds vanishes
138 Personal Magnetism: turned over card is right next to selection
140 Envelope Prediction: using some shuffling, stacking, and pip values, a card is selected that matches a prediction
142 Copy Me: spectator and magician each select the same value card
144 Found At Last: selection is the last card turned over
145 Indian Magician: deck is mixed, but two selections end up together
147 The Q-Trick: cards are laid out in a Q formation and magician predicts a selected card
150 Upside Down Trick: magician knows which of four cards was turned around
153 Right Second Attempt: first card selected is not the selection, then piles are swapped and selection revealed
155 Mix Two or Three: 13 cards are mixed as directed by spectator but end up in original order
157 Another Prediction: card dealt to by spectator selected number is predicted
159 The Jacks' Backs: chosen Jack has a different back than the others
161 Royal Games: spelling the cards turns Court cards to their suits, with a surprise finish
164 Look No Hands: magician determines which was card mixed into a different pile
167 One Over the Eight: assistant knows which card of 9 was pointed to
170 Mind Reading: magician knows which card touched with aid of accomplice
172 Hypnosis: another version

175 Index
176 Acknowledgements