Aronson, Simon: Art Decko
©2014 Simon Aronson
Hardcover, 326 pages
Art Decko
Image courtesy Jake Austin
Simon Aronson: Art Decko

Comment: Trick descriptions are from the inside of the dust jacket.


i Table of Contents
ii Introduction (David H. Finkelstein)

3 Bedwell, Funsky, and more…: The Dribble Toss Control; The Funsky Glimpse; Sandwich Control; Controlling Two Selections; Bottom Card Glimpse
14 The Milk Load, and the Funsky Force: Overhand shuffle Milk, and Loading Packets; The Funsky Force
20 Bluff Oracle: A subtle ruse that's easy to do, yet is amazingly deceptive. Includes Reverse Faro Procedure; Tracking the Bottom Card; The Double Option; Counting
30 Funsky Four-for-Four Switch
37 Aronson Stripout 2.0: The NEW technique: an EASY, sure-fire and deceptive full-deck false shuffle. Bottom Cut Shuffle; Top Cut Shuffle; Two Shuffle Version
49 Tool Sets

51 Chapter II ON THE SPOT
53 Double Vision
60 Not a Chance: A spectator holds her freely chosen card, while three random cards reveal its color, suit and value - and one then transforms into her card.
67 Switch Hit: Benzais Spin Out Production
70 Among the Discards: Jordan Count
75 Double-Ment: An impromptu mental miracle. The performer reveals two thought-of-cards, with no questions asked. Marlo Book Break Glimpse
81 Two-fer: A spectator herself discovers four selected cards - and surprisingly finds the four Aces as well. Martin Nash Tabled Multiple Shift
89 P.U.R.E. Surprise
93 I Already Told You: Two selected cards transpose - yet it turns out that the performer has announced both impossibilities beforehand. Under the Spread Cull Switch; Vernon Add-on; Keep and Discard (Duck and Deal) Elimination

99 Chapter III TWO-FACED
101 About Face: A written prediction of two selected cards from a shuffled deck. Self-working and impromptu. Marlo Stripout Unloading Move; Trevor Lewis Swing Cut Tap Force; Osborn Double Count; Larry West Flipover Displacement
113 Thinking Inside the Box: A three-phase sandwich routine, that ends with a signed selection traveling to an impossible location. Under-the Spread Cull Force (face up); Under-the Spread Cull Replacement Control; Frank Thompson Triple Cut (moving cards from bottom to top); Sandwich Production (Tilt plus Erdnase Color Change); Mueller Three Card Catch
127 Twice Removed, Once Again: Hamman Sandwich Switch; Funsky Flipover Switch

139 Chapter IV TOTALS
141 Totally Fooling
149 Total Recall: A spectator freely cuts off an unknown number of cards - whose total exactly matches the sum of three freely chosen cards.
161 Total Surrender
170 The Total Package

177 Chapter V BIRTHDAYS
179 No-Stack Datebook: Now anyone can perform a birthday datebook effect with no need to learn a stack.
189 Fate Accompli: Under-the-Spread Cull Force (face down); Oestreicher Optical Sandwich
204 Birthday Backer: Table Packet Cut Cull; In-the hands Packet Cull; Countdown Cull; Larryverse

225 Shuffle Tracking: Simon's favorite deck switch for a memorized deck.
231 Gemini Meets the Stack
241 Christ-Aronson Aces
250 The Aronson Stack "Makes Good"

257 Mental and Physical
262 Square Deal
270 Medium, Well-Done
276 Disillusionment

281 Pondering Predictions
292 Random Sample shuffle-bored
309 Two by Two: Two freely chosen cards are discovered at two freely chosen numbers.