Aronson, Simon: The Card Ideas of Simon Aronson
©1978 Simon H. Aronson, 2nd printing 1981
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 127 pages
Simon Aronson: The Card Ideas of
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Contents (from book ToC):

i Foreword (Edward Marlo)
ii Introduction

1 Chapter I Ideas for Popular Effects
1 Simon's Favorite Card Trick
8 Mis-Mate
14 The Spectator Really Cuts to the Aces
19 Aces Up, Countdown
25 Under Cover Four-Play
33 Lucky 7
38 Symmethree
42 Turning the Corner
49 The Aronson Artifice

60 Chapter II Ideas for Two Deck Effects
60 Stranger Deranger
64 I'll Go First
70 Odd-Backed Thought Card Across #1
75 Odd-Backed Thought Card Across #2
78 Red See Passover

88 Chapter III Ideas for the Memorized Deck
88 General Observations on the Memorized Deck
95 Two Card No Touch Location
100 Four Stop Intersection
104 Histed Heisted
111 S-D Plus
117 Center Cut Location

120 Chapter IV An Idea for Further Ideas
120 It Pays to Advertise