Aronson, Simon: Try the Impossible
©2001 Simon Aronson
Hardcover, 290 pages
Try the Impossible
Image courtesy Jake Austin
Simon Aronson: Try the Impossible



i Introduction (Joshua Jay)
ii Preface

1 Chapter I UnDo Influence
3 Prior Commitment: includes The Face-Down UnDo; Variation 1441; Variation 1839; "Surprise!"
12 Queenspell: The Face-Up UnDo
20 Divide and Conquer
26 Euph-Oracle - an Alternate Take: Euph-oracle (a Double Elimination Procedure); More-or-Less-acle; Alternate Take Deck Switch
31 Random Tandem
37 Worker Bees: Double Progressive Spell Stack
46 Twice as Hard: Joker Presentation; Basic Calculation (3 Packet Displacement); Mindreading - A "Non-Removal" Displacement Presentation; Fixed Middle Calculation (4 packet displacement); Packet Displacement Variations; Mathematics: Theory and Practice
68 UnDo Influence: Theory and Practice: Mathematical Considerations; Selections Procedures; Adjustment Procedures; 72 - Revelations/Creating New Effects: Includes Stop It!; Twice as Hard … the Hard Way; Spelling; Pseudo Estimation; Pseudo Memory; Plots with the Face-Down UnDo - and Odd Cards; Plots with the Face-Up UnDo; Fortune Telling; Blackjack; Double UnDone - with Two Decks; As a Control; Stack Preservation; The Reverse Mode; Formulas for Indicator Positions

93 Chapter II Eccent-tricks
95 Head Over Heels: Transposition; Glimpse; Into a Visual Change; Invisible Card; In-the-Hands Triumph; Positioning the Card to Any Number
104 O'Aronson Aces: Zarrow-Elmsley Addition
117 Nosnora Aces: Marlo's Swindle count Vanish; Elmsley count plus Partial Rhumba Count Vanish; Broken Elmsley Count Vanish; "Discrepancies"
131 Simon's Flash Speller
136 Spell It Out: Mark-a-Place
143 Decipher: Decipher Deck Switch
149 Two Deck Canasta
155 Choices
161 Breathing Spell: Dizzy Spell; Queens and Kings
171 Two Beginnings: S.A. Combination; Under the Spread Cull
175 The Invisible Card
179 Oddly Enough
184 Rap-Ace-ious

191 Chapter III Unpacking the Aronson Stack
193 Introduction: Stalking the Stack
198 Aces Awry (Producing the Aces): The Basic Procedures - Riffle Force; Basic Spelling Procedure; Basic Clean Up; Alternative Procedures for the Aronson Stack Effects - Revelations "Along the Way"; Double Push Off; Reverse Dealing; Setting up for the Riffle Force; Other Ace Productions
209 Four on a Match (Producing the Fours): The Indicator; Four More
213 Jack Coincidence (Producing the Jacks): Bill Simon Prophecy Move
217 The Mind Reading Deck, Part 6 (Producing the Sixes): Adding Magical Productions
220 The Mind Reading Deck, Part 9 (Producing the Nines): Mirror Nines; Direct to the Nines
223 The Mind Reading Deck, Part 7 (Producing the Sevens)
226 Two by Four (Producing the Twos): Nate Leipzig Spin Cut Production
231 Fit Four a King (Producing the Kings): Four Selections; One Force; Reversing the Stack; Mirror Kings; Reverse Deal Routines
236 Joshing With The Threes (Producing the Threes)
238 Routine Maintenance (Poker Deal Restoration): Once and Again Display (Restoring a Matrix Stack); Poker Routine Deck Switch; Mental High Card
245 Truth-Sayer: The Ace of Clubs Lie Detector; The Five of Spades Lie Detector; The Three of Diamonds Lie Detector; The Queen of spades Lie Detector
252 Odds and Ends: Deal and Duck Poker; Last Five Standing; Royal Flush; Any Kind of Poker Hand; Reciprocal Spell Pairs; Take Two; Next of Kin; Identical Twins; Distant Cousins; Distant Cousins, Once Removed; Family Reunion; Threespell (using UnDo Influence); Built for Two (using UnDo Influence); Triple Trick Tip; Sequence Spells; 52 Pickup; Sequence Spell Deck Switch; Reverse Stack Sequence Spells

269 Ringleader
278 An Interview by John Bannon
289 Bibliography