Arrowsmith, G.E.: Magical Originalia
©1943 Louis Tannen
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 67 Pages plus advertisements

©1944 (circa) Max Andrews, England
Arrowsmith: Magical Originalia
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Contents: (from book, descriptions added Nov 2022)

2 Photograph of Author
5 Foreword (G.E. Arrowsmith)
9 Preface
13 Letter Embodying Two Magical Ideas (Roland Winder)

15 Card Tricks
15 An Anti-Gravitational Marvel: using a Word Force book and a deck of Alphabet stripper cards
17 Pocket Picking: duplicates of 5 selections are found using an Eureka deck
19 The Flashing Light: name of mentally selected card appears on a
21 The Sucker Rising Cards: rising cards spell a prediction
23 A New X-Ray Pack: idea for improving
26 An Impossible Problem: named card vanishes from deck and appears in an envelope held by spectator
28 About Turn: two halves of the deck are placed face to face and it instantly rights itself
29 The Pointing Finger: deck is spread under a newspaper, and magician places finger onto the selection as found when the newspaper is torn away; using Rough & Smooth deck
31 Magical Oscillation: pendulum finds selection in rows of cards

34 Psychic Tricks
34 A Body Has Been Dismembered: murder mystery with alphabet cards
40 The Psychic Joker: chosen word in two envelopes appears on a previously blank paper in a third
43 The G.E.A. Living and Dead Test: using just six envelopes and seven correspondence cards
47 Mental Translucidation: a one-man telepathy act
52 - Another Method: using a small blackboard
52 - A Third Method

55 Miscellaneous Tricks
55 A Magical Suggestion: chemical trick for a stained and restored handkerchief
57 Magnetic Peas: peas attracted to a slate reveal a number
60 The Magical Electrician: using a split brass nut
61 Patriotic Release: Silk escape with a patriotic theme
63 Chameleon Silks: silks produced by requested color, and form one large silk
65 A Miracle of Unconscious Prediction: numbers added up match four selected number cards

68: Advertisements