Asher, Lee: Close Cover Before Striking
©2000 Lee Asher Magic
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x9.5", 25 pages
Asher: Close
              Cover Before Striking
Image courtesy e-Bay seller Trr3d

Comments (Alex Rossi): Not for the beginner. Video demo of Wipe Your Ace and That's a Wrap available on Lee Asher's website.


1 Wipe Your Ace: 3 out of 4 aces are found easily but the last one doesn’t seem to follow. The magi then wipes an indifferent card with the deck and it changes into the last ace.
6 Face Down Silver Surfer: A selections slides down the spread and lands in the middle, but then appears on top. A face-down version of the Silver Surfer from 5 Card Stud.
9 Put Your Treys in the Upright Position: Four 3’s are rotated out of the deck and then remain vertical without any visible support.
12 Rosie Palm: A Palm from the center of the deck
15 Resistance is Feudal: Four Jacks are VISUALLY “shaken” and turn to aces on the table
20 That’s a Wrap: A hundred dollar bill is introduced and placed on the deck, then it vanishes and appears with it wrapped around the four aces! (Originally appeared in Channel One magazine Vol.2 #6)