Asher, Lee: Catch 33
2003 Lee Asher,
eBook, PDF, 85 pages
              Catch 33
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Comment: Color photos throughout.This e-book clearly presents Lee Asher's version of the 3 Card Monte. Since the main part of the effect uses no gaffs, the spectator always has a chance of being right, but Lee's presentation almost guarantees this won't happen, and even provides a move in case it does. The "Ripped" climax is a great idea. Recommended. 


7 Table of Contents
9 Description of Effect: brief intro
11 Introduction: What is different about Catch 33 and an overview of the manuscript
14 Pre-show Preparation: only four regular cards needed, two reds and two black duplicates. Shows how to prepare the duplicate card
17 Reasoning behind the use of 3s and 7s
19 Hype: the basic toss explained in detail, along with what to do in case it "sticks"
29 Mid-Air Laydown: another toss
35 Sosi Switch (Joey Burton): obviously switching the wrong card for another wrong card (double whammy)
39 Grecian Turn (Lee Asher and Dan Harlan): The Monte card is turned sideways so the spectator can't miss
47 Kaiser Con (Joey Burton): where the magician openly switches two cards, forcing a wrong choice again
51 Ripped: The finale: a corner is ripped off the Monte card and handed to the spectator, the spectator chooses the ripped card, but it is not the Monte card. The Monte card is unharmed, and the corner the spectator holds matches the tabled card!
65 Bonus Throw - It's the Black, Not the Red You Are Looking For: an out for when the spectator selects the right card
71 Catch 33 - The True Story: How Catch 33 helped Lee land a better job
80 Conclusion: concluding remarks
81 Acknowledgments
82 Bibliography and other sources for the Monte
83 About the Author
84 Contact Information