Asher, Lee: Sex Sells
©1998 Lee Asher Magic
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 20 pages
              Sex Sells

Comments (Alex Rossi): Video demo of Trey Shiek available on Lee Asher's website


1 YO: A neat flourish were the cards are “flung” into the air and then come back all square.
3 Trey Sheik: A clean Ace/King Transpo.
6 BS Control: A control were four cards are placed into the middle of the deck and are all brought up to the top with one cut. (Reminiscent to Allan Hayden’s “Sneak-ease” from Card Sharp on Duty)
8 Various Ideas: (1) A weird way to introduce a deck of cards. (2) A way for the spectator to ask for the magic. (3) A slight refinement to the Slip Cut.
11 The Old Gambler vs. Young Card Punk: The “Gambler” finds the aces, and then the Card Punk turns them into a Royal Flush!