Asher, Lee: Thinking Out Loud
©1998 Lee Asher Magic
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 16 Pages
Lee Asher: Thinking Out Loud
Image courtesy Don's Used Magic and Books

Comments (Alex Rossi): Video demo of Watch the Ripper available on Lee Asher's website


1 The Ripper: One double backed is visually ripped into 2 Jacks and then 4 Jacks!
4 Asheresque: A very powerful card control that can used as part of an Ambitious Card sequence.
6 Joking Around:  A card is selected and put back in the pack, the magi then finds a card which ends up not being the selection. So he rips it up and the torn pieces form the selection’s shape.
9 Single Piece Version: As above but ending with one piece instead of three
10 Deuce Bag: A card is selected and placed back into the pack by the spectator. Then the magi brings out a Ziploc bag with “wild card” inside. Then the Wild Card transforms into their selection in their hands.
13 Tres Pass: A unique pass, executed while looking at your watch.
15 Memphis Corn Pudding: a real recipe!