Lee Asher: Thunderbird the Modern Ace Production

Asher, Lee: Thunderbird, the Modern Ace Production
©2007 Lee Asher
Softcover, 18 pages

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              Asher: Thunderbird

Comments: Color photo illustrated. Ace appears between the palms, splits into two, then three, then four.


i What’s Thunderbird?
ii Introduction
1 The Tenkai Palm
1 Teijiro Ishida Tenkai (Hideo Kato): short biography
3 Thunderbird’s Five-Step Formula
9 Further Thoughts on Tenkai Palm
11 Make Your Tenkai Palm Comfortable
12 A Small T-bird Variation
13 Credits
14 Acknowledgments
15 What To Do Now?
15 About the Author
16 Other Lee Asher Products