V.J. Astor: Top Secrets
Astor, Victor Jamnitzky: Top Secrets, Sealed Miracles No. 4
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Softcover, saddle-stitched, 6x9"
              Jamnitzky Astor: Top Secrets Sealed Miracles No. 4
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Comments: A collection of manuscripts from Astor's friends, originally only available in German. Contributors include Bob Driebeck, Axel Velden, Horst Schnitter, and Jahn Gallo.

Contents (from web description, numbers are not page numbers):

1 Top Secret 1, The Dancing Cork: history and secrets
2 Top Secret 2, Bill in the Safe: Banknote to sealed tube in locked box
3 Top Secret 3, Telephone Shock: telephone mentalism
4 Top Secret 4, In A Nutshell: Burned, marked banknote to chosen walnut
5 Top Secret 5, Gallo's Wonder Necktie: Cut and restored spectator's tie
6 Top Secret 6, Ball Wonder (Bob Driebeek)