Atkins, Jeffery: The Jeffery Atkins Lecture - Demonstration: British Made Magic
©1971 Jeffrey Atkins
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 9x10", 9 pages
Atkins: British
              Made Magic
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Comments: Describes the working of commercial effects that were demo'd by Jeffrey at his lectures. Note, the cover and intro spell his first name "Jeffery", but the tricks pages spell it "Jeffrey".


1 Meet Jeffery Atkins: short biography
2 A Photograph of Jeffery Atkins "in action"
3 British Made Magic: intro to Jerry Atkins
3 Super-Sphere (Ernie Toogood): describes Ernie's new Zombie Ball
3 Your Time My Time (Ian Adair): clever time prediction
4 Dressing Doll (Ian Adair): describes specially gimmicked paper doll book
4 KB Card Rise (Ken Bowell): card rise from a case suspended on a wand
4 Blendo Pictures (Edwin Hooper): papers turn into pictures
5 Pick of the Pops (Edwin): bottle of milk changes into glass of selected drink
6 Seeing Spots (Jeffrey Atkins): blank panels get spots
7 Locked Out Chance (Jeffrey Atkins): simple version of Seven Keys to Baldpate
7 The Streamlined Folding Box (Werry/Adair): production box described
7 Mysta's Card Frame (Ernest Bradford): explained
8 Sensation Coins (Harold G. Beaumont): vanishing coin stand
8 Multicolour-Change Wand (Beaumont): wand changes color seven times
8 The Silk Factory (Roy Hobbs): silks and a small house from a tube
9 Mysta's Orange Silk: silk vanished and found in orange
9 Dice It (Eric Lewis): Platform 3 1/2 of Clubs effect