Joseph Atmore: Dunninger's Brain Busters
Atmore, Joseph: Dunninger's Brain Busters
©2001 Joseph Atmore; H&R Magic Books, Humble, TX
Hardcover, w/dj, 110 pages
Joseph Atmore: Dunninger's Brain Busters
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Comments: "For most of the 20th century, the Amazing Dunninger defined the term mentalism for the American public. Much of the success of his pioneering radio and television performances was based on his use of original routines he called "Brain Busters." Each week audiences eagerly tuned in to see whether Dunninger would be stumped by one of these impossible challenges. Joseph Atmore has spent years collecting these Brain Busters and, with the help of some of modern mentalism's brightest minds, has analyzed them to understand the often bold and sometimes deceptively simple methods underlying these miracles. This collection wil be invaluable to all students of showmanship and mentalism." With additional 'thoughts' from Banachek, Lee Earle, Walter Gibson, David J. Lustig, Al Mann, and Max Maven.

Contents (from Book ToC):

vii Preface
ix Acknowledgements
1 The Task At Hand
3 The Dunninger Act
11 Unimpeachable
15 Arc You Paying Attention?
18 Al would you happen to have...?
21 The Invisible Man
29 Highlights of Joseph Dunninger’s Broadcast History
33 Brain Busters
34 Nailed Thoughts
37 Telepathic Television
42 Sorry Right Number!
45 The Favorite Effect
48 Lustig's Spectre Card
50 The Challenge Letter Segment
55 Dunninger (Banachek)
59 Relayed Thought
54 Seeing Things?
57 Post Card Stunt
70 Autograph Party
72 Shattered Thoughts
76 Lustig’s Headline Sensation
78 Classical Art
80 Planting an Idea
82 Dunninger (Lee Earle)
83 The War Effort
85 Parachuting Thots
87 Lustig’s Blackboard Mystery
88 Dateline Dunninger
90 Bundled Thoughts
93 Jumbo Thoughts
94 Long Distance Thought Reading
101 Afterthoughts
103 Footnotes