Ayling, Will: Knowing The Rising Cards (Know-How Series)
1991 1st edition, The Supreme Magic Co. Ltd.
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 9x10", 50 pages

Ayling: Knowing the Rising Cards
Image courtesy Murphys Magic Supplies

Comments (Lybrary.com): Surprisingly little has been published in an encyclopedic form about the classic rising cards in English. You can find some in Greater Magic but the rest is spread out in many books and journals. Although this publication can hardly be called an encyclopedia, it is the only publication in English I know which is entirely dedicated to the rising card effect. It is a wonderful collection of a number of methods, described clearly with photos and illustrations. This was part of the Supreme 'Know How' series.

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4 Contents
6 The Rising Cards (History And Comment)
9 The Rising Cards
10 Howard Thurston Rising Cards
15 The Duplicate Stack Method
17 De Kolta's Rising Cards
18 Rising Cards From Opera Hat
19 Rising Card Box (Jack Le Dair)
22 Mechanical In Close-Up
24 Impromptu Or Nearly So!
29 Digital Mechanism
31 Sybil Rising Cards
33 Jumbo Rising Cards
36 Fountain Of Cards
37 De Kolta's Fountain Of Cards
39 De Kolta's Card Raising Trick
41 Cascade Of Cards
42 A Novel Presentation
43 The Wonderful Floating Card Trick
44 Jumping Cards (The Siamese Bloodstone)
46 Psyco Jumper
47 Special Effects Cards
47 - The Turn-Round Card
48 - Torn Corner Card
49 - Moving Pip Card