Ayling, Will: The Art of Illusion
©1968 Harry Stanley
Hardcover w/dj, 6x9", 233 pages

©1973 The Supreme Magic Co, Bideford, Devon
©1978 The Supreme Magic Co.
Ayling: The Art of Illusion
Harry Stanley Edition
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Art of Illusion
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Comments: (JayandLefty): Edited by Hugh Miller; illustrated by Dennis Patten. A great treatise on various magic illusions. Through text and illustration the reader is shown how many great effects are accomplished. Nicely written and illustrated with classic illusions which are still in use. From the forward/preface "In writing this book the author has been as meticulate as he is in his magical performances. He has given us detailed descriptions and explanations, yet succeeded in keeping us enthralled by taking us with him into HIS world of magic. Whatever the reader's magical interests may be, t is no doubt that this book will be a prized possession. As a book it is almost impossible to put down; to the working magician it can open new fields in magical performance." "In this book, I have recorded my own thoughts and experience of many well-known illusions. I have not merely discussed the secrets, but I have included my presentations as well." "The aim of this book is to stimulate thought and action along these modern lines, to make the presentation of illusions not merely acceptable, but very desirable to the modern audience."


5 Foreword (Lewis Ganson)
6 Preface (Will Ayling)

9 Chapter 1
9 The Floating Princess
16 3 Sword Suspension
16 Chair Suspension
20 Broomstick Levitation
24 Aga Illusion
27 The Phantom Princess
30 Kellar Levitation

32 Chapter 2
32 Temple of Swords
38 Head Cremation
40 Crushing a Woman
43 Temple of Benares
44 Broomwich
46 Golfer's Dream

49 Chapter 3
49 The Eye of a Needle
52 Rod Through Mediaeval Style
57 The Tiger
61 Totem Pole
65 Rod & Rope Release

68 Chapter 4
68 Guillotine
76 Head Chopper
80 Vivisection of a Clown
84 Wrist Chopper
87 Long Swallow

92 Chapter 5
92 Sawing Through
98 Great Divide
103 Sawn Life in an Egg
104 Buzz Saw
109 Volunteer Sawing

112 Chapter 6
112 Hey Presto
114 Card Castle
118 Model Illusion
121 Doll's House
125 Glass Trunk
127 Black and White
130 Triple Change

133 Chapter 7
133 Big Time
134 Magician's Rehearsal
139  Backstage With a Magician
144 Cabaret de la Mort
149 Bullet Catching
150 Hugard's Bullet Catching
154 Anneman's Bullet in the Mouth
157 Fogel - Catcher of Bullets

159 Chapter 8
159 Canvas Trunk Illusion
162 The Accident
164 Packing Case
166 Substitution Box
171 The Great Invisible Flight

180 Chapter 9
180 Intermezzo
180 Cluck Cluck
183 Duck Production
186 Small House
187 Parasol
193 Inexhaustible Beer Barrel
199 Raoul's Talking Record

203 Chapter 10
203 Illusionist
207 Assistant's Revenge
211 Statue
220 Turn Over Candle
227 Multiplying Lighted Candles

230 Thoughts of the Genie
231 Author's Appreciations
232 Publisher's Appreciation