Ayling, Will: Knowing the Chop Cup (and Other One Cup One Ball Routines)
1989 Supreme Magic Co., Ltd.
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 9x10", 40 pages
Ayling: Knowing
              the Chop Cup
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Comment: Part of the Supreme Know How Series. Not just the Chop Cup, but a solid cup routine and an impromptu paper-covered glass routine as well. Great coverage with lots of moves and routine variations. Routines by Ayling, Ken Brooke, and Lewis Ganson. Many B&W, clear photos throughout. Highly recommended.


4 Another One Cup and Ball Routine (Will Ayling): This routine uses a a SOLID cup. Also uses the chop cup bag, a wand, a die, and a large die in addition to two balls (the balls don't need to be chop cup balls, of course). The cup is removed from the bag and rattled. A die is poured onto the table from the cup. The die is placed back into the bag. A ball is produced from the end of a wand, vanished, and appears under the cup. The ball is placed back under the cup and "invisibly" vanished using the wand, to end up in the magician's pocket. The ball penetrates the bottom of the cup. The ball then travels from the pocket to under the cup. The ball then vanishes, but is not under the cup. Rather a die that ends up being larger than the cup is dislodged from the cup, and finally the cup is shown to be solid. With afterthoughts.
11 Paper Cover Cup & Ball (after Berland; Will Ayling): An almost impromptu cup and ball routine using a paper covered glass tumbler and a wadded up piece of paper. The tumbler is wrapped in paper and a smaller paper or dollar bill is wadded into a ball. The ball is vanished and appears under the cup. This is repeated, and eventually the ball fails to appear under the cup. An apple or other large object is found instead. Finally, the paper cover is smashed to the table to find the glass has penetrated the table.
16 Thoughts on the Magnetic Cup: A couple of historical notes, although Al Wheatly is not mentioned until the following routine. Some tips on getting the ball to "stick", getting the ball to fall, loading and loads, repetition, routining.
18 Singular Cup & Ball (Will Ayling): An intricate chop cup routine using a 4"x3" chop cup, 1" balls, bag, load ball, silk handkerchief, 3.5" glass, mechanical chick to fit inside the cup, ball holder, and a "gaming" bag designed to fit as a "Topit" (instructions provided). Decent variety without being too lengthy.
23 Topit Gaming Bag: Invented by Harold Comden, made famous by Gilly Davenport. Provides brief description of installing your own.
24 My Chop Cup Routine (Ken Brooke): Uses only the standard Chop Cup and balls, a wand, and a large load (lemon, sponge ball, etc.) Complete with patter suggestions.
26 Bertie the Baseballer (Brooke): A Chop Cup variation on the above routine using a small figure, in this case a small baseball figure to add interest to the climax and the patter storyline.
28 The Gill Chop Cup Routine (written and photographed by Lewis Ganson): Bob Gill's straightforward routine. Utilizes a standard chop cup, and an egg cup just the right size to allow the ball to be placed on the inverted egg cup, the Chop Cup placed on top, and the ball vanished. Also features a double load climax.
32 That Chop Cup Again (written and photographed by Lewis Ganson): Uses a miniature chop cup, though this is not a requirement. Also utilizes the bag, two matching coins, and a final load. Contains an excellent beginning that introduces the ball into the cup while showing the cup and each hand clearly empty. This allows another effect to precede the start without introducing a ball (thus, the coins). Refers to Dai Vernon Book of Magic for loading a coin under the cup and Vernon's Cups and Balls routine for advice on the final load.
36 Pertinent to the Big Load: Discussion of a Tom Osborne routine, and then Dai Vernon's natural handling of the Cups and Balls with a lesson in misdirection.Emphasizes the point: "The easiest way to hold an audience is briefly". Ends with some helps on the final loads.