Will Ayling: The Lilliputians
Ayling, Will: The Lilliputians
©1987 Will Ayling, Supreme Magic, Bideford, Devon
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 9x10", 64 pages
Ayling: The Lilliputians
Image courtesy Murphy's Magic Supplies

Comments: "This book affords the opportunity to faithfully record my own glove and rod puppet show, designed to meet the requirements of a drawing-room for the entertainment of children."

Contents (from book ToC):

4 Introduction
6 Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp
9 The Lilliputians
13 The Book Theatre
18 The Property Basket
28 Doll Factory
32 The New Production
41 Sound, Music and Drama
42 Extract - Scenario - Final Sequence
44 Interlude
46 For Good Measure
48 The Young Workshop
55 Reminiscence
60 An-Others
62 Last Thoughts
63 Lookback
64 Acknowledgements