Ayres & Moreland: The Holy City Session
Ayres, Micky & Robert Moreland: The Holy City Session
©2004 Micky Ayres and Robert Moreland
Softcover, wire-bound, 11x8.5", 25 pages
Ayres & Mooreland: Holy City Session
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Comments: Edited by Steve Beam. From the book: "A unique evening of intimate wonders in Charleston, South Carolina...These notes are provided exclusively for magicians in attendance of a special lecture by Mick Ayres and Robert Moreland at the Charleston Magic Club on Friday, August 13, 2004...They are NOT for sale."

Contents (from book ToC):

1 Micky Ayres
1 Again & Again
4 The SlipStream Maneuver
6 Applications
7 Decipiatur
8 The Mick Click
9 Birds of a Feather
11 Skinner's 21st Cent. Miracle

12 Robert Moreland
12 Pet Trick
13 The Cloud Change
14 Inverted Elevator
16 Holy City Opener
17 Yet Another Reset
20 Evaporating Aces
22 Loose Change