Drew Backenstoss: Architect of the Mind
Backenstoss, Drew (Scott Andrews):  Architect of the Mind
©2019 Andrew Backenstoss, Haresign Press
Hardcover, 326 pages
Drew Backenstoss (Scott Andrews): Architect of the

Comments: 18 fully scripted routines and 10 essays ranging from stagecraft to best business practices.

Contents (from ToC, courtesy Stephane Labbe):

viii Foreword (Atlas Brookings)
x Preface
xii Introduction

17 The Great Divider
19 R.M.R. - Reverse Mind Reading
23 Essay: Performance 101
39 Seven Year Ordeal
49 The Personality of a Date
69 Never to be Repeated
79 Essay: Sharing the Spotlight

83 Triptych
85 The Usual Suspects
94 Essay: True Greatness
97 Concealed Carry
107 Common Cents Prediction

117 Close Encounters
119 Group Dynamics
131 Pseudoesthesia
141 Phishing

161 Game Theory
163 You Were Missed
169 Essay: Let's Agree... to Agree
181 Essay: Leading the Witness

189 First Impressions
191 Bernstein Dynes on a Cloud
211 Social Insecurity
225 Put a PIN on it
238 Essay: To Predict or Not to Predict
241 Obviously Influenced
254 Essay: Win-Win Situations

257 Standing Room Only
259 Catch Me If You Can
275 Essay: In Defense of "Process"
277 Catch Me 2.0

287 Exiting The Stage
289 A Stranger's Call
306 Essay: I'm Not a Perfectionist!
308 Essay: The "Last Man Standing" Strategy
311 What Are the Odds?

325 Afterword (Manos Kartsakis)