Bagshawe, Edward: Exclusive Problems in Magic
©1924 Edward Bagshawe, London, England
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 90 pages
Exclusive Problems In Magic
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Comments: From the introduction, "This book has primarily been written for the Drawing-Room and Concert Artist...the majority of the effects have been thoroughly "tried out"".

Contents (From book ToC, updated July 2018):

1 Introduction

11 Problems With Silk:
11 The Circle of Coincidence: color coded cards match the color of silks placed in enveloped on a star formation
16 Cutting Thro' a Silk
19 The Educated Ribbon
24 Vice Versa

27 Problems With Cards:
27 The "Decepta" Three Card Trick
32 Perambulating Pasteboards
36 A Necromatic Note
38 Sympathy
42 A "Spirit Divination" Mystery

47 Miscellaneous Problems:
47 A Tissue Paper Mystery
50 Cigarette Sorcery
56 The "Simplex" Servante
58 The "Rapid Transit" Tumbler
63 A Dark Deception
67 "Lighting a Lighthouse"

71 Stage Effects:
71 A Wireless Wonder
76 The "Kum-Bak" Cigarette Mystery
80 A Deceptive "Floating" Ball
88 "Thought Precipitation"