Bagshawe, Edward: More Magical Mysteries
©1925 Edw. Bagshawe & Co.
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 83 pages
More Magical
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Edward Bagshawe: More Magical Mysteries


Contents (from the LearnedPig e-Book version):

3 Introduction (Edward Bagshaw)
4 The "Baffla" Card Detection
5 "A Record Mystery"
7 A Card and Cigarette Conception
8 "Obstructing The Line"
10 "Mystery Ribbons"
12 The Necromancer's Notebook
14 Cigarette Card Magic
17 A "Miraculous" Change
18 "Twentieth Century" Tissues
20 A Colour Metamorphosis
21 The "Move-Up" Card
24 "Materialization"
26 An Artistic Interlude
28 Another Colour Conception
30 "Peculiar Penetration"