Bagshawe, Edward: Novel Mysteries
©1940-1942 L. Davenport & Co., London
Hardcover, 232 pages
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Novel Mysteries
Cover from a Single Volume
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Comments: Illustrated. A collection of Six books originally published separately. Volume 1 Original Silk Effects, 2 Original Card Effects, 3 Original Pocket Effects, 4 Original Spiritualistic Effects, 5 Miscellaneous Magic, and 6 More Miscellaneous Magic


5 Part One Original Silk Effects
7 Introduction (Edward Bagshawe)
8 Demon Illustrated Silks: advertisement
11 Silk Projection: red and silk transposition for stage
12 - Second Method
16 A Silk Diversion: comedy spot removal from handkerchief
21 A Sympathy Problem: with ribbons
26 The Ghost Silk: silk passes through solid articles
31 The Ever Change Silk (E.D. Proudlock): a gag
32 The Flying Knot Experiment: knots change places on silks in bags
38 Penetrato: matter through matter

45 Part Two Original Card Effects
47 A Divination Marvel: impromptu
51 A Card Change: incorrect card is inserted half-way into the deck, and turns into the selection
53 The Radio Cards: Spectator and Magician each hold a King and a Three, and upon command the Magician now holds the Kings and the Spectator the Threes
57 The Encore Reversed Cards: a reversed card effect
61 The Climax Card Mystery: suitable for platform work
66 One More Four Ace Trick: Aces end up in one pile
70 The Ultra Sympathetic Packs: cards reversed in one pack are found to be reversed in a second deck
78 Jack O' Spades: A jumbo Jack of Spades card is magically assembled on the stage

85 Part Three Original Pocket Effects
87 Travelling Balls: small cork balls vanish and are found back in the box
90 A Sense of Touch Deception: one coin is marked and placed with others; the magician removes all but the marked coin
94 Mephisto's Matches (H.W. Tagrey): wooden matches penetrate the table under the match-box
98 The Ring and the Cord: a ring is magically placed on a cord held by the spectator
102 Simplified Fishing: a numbered disc is selected and dropped in a bag with other discs, and a fishing lure pulls it out on a hook
107 A Coin Surprise: a marked coin is vanished and found in a matchbox
112 Threading the Disc: a cardboard disc is examined and melts onto a cord
118 The Turnover Card: a business card reverses itself in an envelope
121 A Triple Matchbox Mystery (Jack Le Dair): a haunted matchbox

125 Part Four Original Spiritualistic Effects
127 The Double-Message Slate: uses a standard flap slate
131 The Egyptian Gong: a small gong "bells out" answers to questions
135 A Novel Message Switch: used to obtain a message written by a spectator, or to produce one on a blank piece of paper
139 The Invisible Artist: production of a spirit picture on a blank piece of paper
146 Roping the Ring: passing a ring onto a cord - parlor sized
150 The Emerald From Luxor: a mysterious emerald locates selected cards by moving across a display stand (for stage)
157 A New Living and Dead Test: performer determines which envelope contains the "dead" name
160 The Mystery Screen: five spirit tests to combine into a small act

164 Part Five Miscellaneous Magic
166 Curious Crayons: red and blue crayons transpose in their boxes
171 The Bes-Tof-Al Sympathetic Blocks (Eric D. Widger): One set of wooden blocks magically duplicates the color order of a 2nd set
176 Cigarette Transposition (L. Burnell and A. Sparkes): mysterious passage of giant cigarettes from one box to another for platform or stage
182 The Gold Block: a small gold block move up and through two larger 'lead' blocks
189 The Mandarin's Fan: dragon transfers from fan to a silk
191 Groom's Rope Miracle (Jack Groom): using a prepared rope
198 - An Impromptu Restoration

199 Part Six More Miscellaneous Magic
201 The Flyaway Blocks: a red block visibly changes to a blue one, and the two are found transposed
204 Reel Magic: a box is shown with eight spools of thread. One is selected, removed, and vanished, to be found back in the box
208 The Cuban Cubes: cubes change color when covered
214 The Crystal Gazer (John Clare): spectator determines card selection by looking into a crystal ball
218 About Turn: silk transposes with cigarettes in a case
225 Discs of Enchantment: selected color discs vanish and appear on a stand
229 the Chinese Cashbox: coins vanish from a cashbox and appear in a pouch, good for children's shows