Bagshawe, Edward: Novel Mysteries Part Two Miscellaneous Magic
©1927 Edward Bagshawe & Co., England
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 37 pages
Novel Mysteries Part
              Two Miscellaneous Magic
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Edward Bagshawe: Novel Mysteries Part Two Miscellaneous Magic

Comments: available with all six volumes combined in "Novel Mysteries", published by Davenports.

Contents (derived from the combined volume - page numbers continue from the last volume):

47 A Divination Marvel: impromptu
51 A Card Change: incorrect card is inserted half-way into the deck, and turns into the selection
53 The Radio Cards: Spectator and Magician each hold a King and a Three, and upon command the Magician now holds the Kings and the Spectator the Threes
57 The Encore Reversed Cards: a reversed card effect
61 The Climax Card Mystery: suitable for platform work
66 One More Four Ace Trick: Aces end up in one pile
70 The Ultra Sympathetic Packs: cards reversed in one pack are found to be reversed in a second deck
78 Jack O' Spades: A jumbo Jack of Spades card is magically assembled on the stage