Baker, Al: Al Baker's Book
1933 Max Holden
Printed in England by L. Davenport & Co.
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 39 pages
Al Baker's Book
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Comments: This book can also be found as part of the compilation, The Secret Ways of Al Baker, published by The Miracle Factory. Contains 15 illustrations. Also available as an e-book.


5 To My Friends, Magic Lovers: dedication and intro by Al Baker
7 Al Baker's Pack That Cuts Itself: the deck of cards visibly cuts by itself (I.T.)
9 The One Man "Lights Up" Seance: How to tie the rope for a quick release
11 A Card and a Number: Two cards are selected, the 2nd card being the key to locate the first (two stacked decks)
12 Al Baker's Pet Hat Trick: how to gimmick a hat, and a trick of reading serial numbers of a bill
14 Al Baker's Rising Cards: for stage
17 Feel My Pulse: a number is determined using the magician's pulse
18 The Al Baker Wrist Tie: Silk passes through the arm
21 The Impossible Card Discovery: Spectator takes one card from middle of deck and places it in another pocket. Magician names the card.
22 Cards of Thought: parlor effect in which the magician determines 5 cards selected by audience members.
25 Al Baker's Addition Trick: magician's assistant determines the total of added figures
27 Another Rope is Cut and Restored: a simple but effective approach
28 The Finger Points: Spectator runs finger along face up cards and merely thinks of his card; magician determines the name
30 The Matchmakers: a clever torn card matching trick using two card pedestals
32 Say When: Cards are passed from hat to hat, and when spectator states "stop", the card is the one being passed.
33 Al Baker's Billet Mystery: a billet reading routine
39 The Self-Unknotting Handkerchief: no body attachments