Baker, Al: Al Baker's Book Two
 or Al Baker's Second Book

1935 Max Holden, New York
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 39 pages

Also pub. by L. Davenport & Co., London, U.K.

Al Baker's Book
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              Baker's Second Book
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Comments: Illustrated by Clayton Rawson. Also found as Al Baker's Second Book. This book is also part of the compilation, The Secret Ways of Al Baker, published by The Miracle Factory, and has also been reprinted by another publisher along with Book One in a single volume. It is available as an e-book from The Learned Pig Project.


4 To My Friends, Professional and Amateur: intro by Al Baker
5 A Glass Vanish: a glass of water vanishes under a handkerchief
6 Gee!: Magician states he will cause two selections to vanish from deck; two cards are removed and prove to be the selections, and the rest of the deck vanishes instead.
9 Undercover: performer matches drawing on a slate
11 Another 4 Ace Trick!: four Aces join to one pile
14 Your Pulse Tells: magician stops spectator's finger at the card selection
16 A Card and a Number 2nd Method: the selection is counted to in a 2nd deck
18 Baker's Bill Switch: no TT required
20 Unsight and Unseen: performer finds two marked cards in two halves of the deck
22 Sex Appeal: a lady's ring moves along a table to "gaze" at a man's ring
24 Come Seven!: only magician can get all sides of two dice to add to seven
25 Lost and Found: selection is found amidst a new deck
27 Something From Nothing: a paper tube is made and silks are produced from the middle of it
29 Pass the Salt: a variation on using salt to find the spectator's card
30 Button Button!: a button becomes threaded in an old coin-slide box
32 The Name Is......!: Magician determines name on a burned slip of paper
34 Me and the Missus: two person act using a Si Stebbins act
36 A Novel Escape: constructing a box that a human can escape from
39 The Milky Way: glass of milk vanishes from paper and appears back in hat